Movers & Shakers – June 2020: Mann+Hummel announces leadership appointments for Automotive Aftermarket business

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In the dynamic and global filtration industry, news and information is breaking on a daily basis. International Filtration News is tracking stories relevant to our industry from air and gas filtration to liquid filtration and the various end-uses for filtration technology. Here we will post news stories relevant to filtration and its downstream applications on an ongoing basis. Please check back for regular updates. If you have news that you feel should be added to this summary report, please email it to Matt Migliore at

Most recent update: June 30, 2020

EPA finalizes amendments to the Miscellaneous Organic Chemical Manufacturing National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced final amendments to the Miscellaneous Organic Chemical Manufacturing National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) to reduce hazardous air pollutants, including ethylene oxide. The amendments are expected to reduce emissions of air pollutants from the source category by 107 tons per year, which includes reductions in ethylene oxide emission of approximately 0.76 tons per year. Ethylene oxide is one of 187 hazardous air pollutants regulated by the EPA. 

The action addresses EPA’s obligation under the Clean Air Act to conduct the residual risk and technology (RTR) review for the miscellaneous organic chemical manufacturing source category. EPA evaluated the risks posed by air toxics from this source category and determined cancer risks for this source category to be unacceptable. Once these requirements are implemented, EPA has determined that risks will be acceptable and will provide an ample margin of safety to protect public health.

Ethylene oxide updates:

Mann+Hummel announces leadership appointments for Automotive Aftermarket business

Mann+Hummel’s Automotive Aftermarket’s global structure has been streamlined into three regional divisions. Cedric Dackam has been appointed as vice president Automotive Aftermarket Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) in addition to his current Middle East and Africa (MEA) role. Dackam joined Mann+Hummel in 2002 as a filtration engineer and has worked in a variety of roles from R&D and strategy to innovation before recently leading the MEA region.

Cedric Dackam, VP AA Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa
Cedric Dackam, VP AA Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa

Rodrigo Reyes will continue to head up Mann+Hummel’s Automotive Aftermarket in the Americas region, and additionally takes on the global responsibility for Sales OES (Original Equipment Services). Reyes is a 22-year veteran of Mann+Hummel serving in various international roles, from OES sales to product management and marketing, to his latest role as senior vice president of the Automotive Aftermarket Americas group.

Rodrigo Reyes, Senior VP AA Americas
Rodrigo Reyes, Senior VP AA Americas

Simon Frick, vice president Sales IAM Europe, will be responsible for the independent aftermarket in Europe across all brands such as Mann-Filter, Filtron and Wix. Frick joined Mann+Hummel in 2015 as director Sales IAM Industrial Filtration and has worked in a number of roles in the European sales department.

Simon Frick, VP Sales IAM Europe
Simon Frick, VP Sales IAM Europe

“One of our priorities has been to define our organizational structure so that we can take full advantage of our unique growth opportunities and exceptional products around the world,” said Kurk Wilks, president and CEO of Mann+Hummel. “I’m confident that this new regional set-up will enable us to serve our customers even better and to move our Aftermarket business to even greater levels of success.”

Dackam, Reyes and Frick will report directly to Wilks in his interim role as president & general manager Automotive Aftermarket.


Ascend launches zinc-based antimicrobial technology for facemasks & air filters

Ascend Performance Materials has introduced Acteev Protect, a breakthrough technology specially formulated to guard against the growth of mildew, fungi and other microbes to keep textiles and nonwoven fabrics fresher for longer.

The technology is a leap forward in protection for facemasks, apparel, upholstery, air filters and more, according to Lu Zhang, Ph.D., Ascend’s vice president leading the Acteev launch. “Bacteria, mildew and other microbes growing on fabrics and filters cause the item to break down, discolor and give off unpleasant smells,” she said. “Acteev Protect guards against that microbial growth, keeping the articles clean.”

Ascend Performance Materials Acteev Protect
Acteev Protect’s patent-pending technology embeds active zinc ions into the matrix of the polymer. Unlike topical finishes or coatings, the zinc ions don’t flake away, providing long lasting functionality. Image: Ascend Performance Materials

The technology has been in development for several years, but with the recent shortage of articles resistant to microbial growth, Ascend accelerated the product launch by partnering with independent labs for testing and reallocating resources to scale up production. “The current global scarcity of microbe-resistant materials is not going to end unless manufacturers are able to obtain the right media,” Dr. Zhang said. “We saw a way we could quickly meet those urgent needs with this innovative technology.”

Acteev Protect combines zinc ion technology with polyamide-based woven, nonwoven and knit fabrics. The active zinc ions are embedded into the polymer matrix, providing a long-lasting solution that does not wash away, unlike topical finishes or coatings. The polyamide fabrics are durable yet soft to the skin, and the nonwoven filtration media – available as nanofibers, meltblown and spunbond – efficiently keep out unwanted particles.

Other products use silver as an antimicrobial, Dr. Gopal said, but that metal comes with unwanted environmental consequences. “Silver is typically used as a finish or a coating,” he said. “That process is water-intensive, and the excess silver has to be disposed of, eventually ending up in our waterways.”

Zinc, however, is labeled Generally Regarded as Safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


INDA shifts FiltXPO dates, venue to co-locate with IDEA in 2022

INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, has changed the venue and date for its second edition of FiltXPO, North America’s only annual exhibition and technical conference dedicated to filtration and separation, co-locating it with IDEA, the organization’s triennial global nonwovens and engineered materials exposition. Both events will now be presented at the Miami Beach Convention Center, with IDEA running March 28-31, 2022, and FiltXPO running March 29-31, 2022, as two distinct events in the same building, at the same time.

“We are moving FiltXPO out of a crowded 2021 to avoid a calendar collision with the World Filtration Congress (WFC), organized by the American Filtration & Separation Society (AFS). They needed to reschedule their event for September 2021, which is too close to the original FiltXPO 2021 dates in October. So, we’ll combine FiltXPO with IDEA in March 2022, significantly enhancing the value for more companies to exhibit and attend,” said Dave Rousse, INDA’s President.

FiltXPO is represented by industry sectors including: Water & wastewater treatment, petrochemicals, plastics, automotive, transportation, aerospace, chemicals and coatings, food & beverage production, biotechnology/pharmaceuticals, HVAC/indoor air quality, pulp & paper manufacturing, mining, oil & gas production, metal processing, industrial manufacturing, cleanrooms, building management, and power generation.

FiltXPO technical conference sessions provide content focused on international filtration and separation research, development and commercialization of the latest materials and manufacturing technologies.

The FiltXPO audience includes senior-level engineers, R&D professionals, executive management, and supply chain management across multiple market sectors.


Parker Hannifin awarded $6M contract with U.S. Marine Corps for water purification system

Parker Hannifin Corporation was awarded a $6M contract by the United States Marine Corps for its Village Marine platoon water purification system, known as the H2O-PRO. The H2O-PRO system produces 600 gallons of potable water from any fresh, brackish or salt-water source daily.

Historically, water purification systems used by the military have been bulky, difficult to operate and complicated to maintain, requiring an expert to operate the system. With two simple switches and color-coded gauges, the H2O-PRO simplifies the complex operation. The system offers a 100 percent tool-less changeout of the sediment filters and reverse-osmosis membranes. Beyond this, patented composite membranes eliminate the need for a pressure vessel, reduce maintenance time and risk of contamination, and eliminate the possibility of improper installation. The system was built with portability in mind and is contained in a case that will fit any HMMWV or MRZR. The accessory case allows the system to operate on AC power or can run on batteries for four hours.

Parker H2PRO Filtration
The H2O-PRO produces 600 gallons of drinking water daily–from any water source; it can make four times its weight in water each day.

“Our military, Doctors without Borders, and first responders in disaster relief situations face the same problem — they all need accessible drinking water that is easily transportable. We made it our mission to solve this problem for our front-line. To be able to create safe drinking water from any source with a system of its size and capacity to weight ratio is a breakthrough. That’s what makes this system unique. That is why we worked to create the H2O-PRO,” said Kelly Sullivan, engineering manager for Water Purification at Parker Hannifin Corporation.

Current water practices used by the military:

  • The US Military utilizes bottled water for consumption which is costly to transport and creates waste
  • Replenishing bottled water totals 51% of all military logistics
  • Bottled water is also distributed to local nations in disaster relief situations
  • Transporting bottled water limits the quantity of other supplies and ammunition that can be delivered

Benefits of the H2O-PRO:

  • The H2O-PRO produces 600 gallons of drinking water daily–from any water source; it can make four times its weight in water each day
  • The self-contained H2O-PRO weighs under 130 lbs. and is built to fit on the back of military vehicles; reducing the military’s reliance on Water Buffalo vehicles
  • Traditional systems utilize three to five times the power of the H2O-PRO; the H2O-PRO runs on AC power or can operate on batteries for four hours
  • H2O-PRO provides clean, purified drinking water in areas with water sources of suspect quality


FILTECH 2021 issues call for papers

FILTECH 2021 has issued its call for presenters for its upcoming conference, Feb. 23-25, 2021, in Cologne Germany. Abstracts are being accepted until August 30, 2020, with full papers due by December 10, 2020.

Papers now being accepted for FILTECH 2021.

FILTECH 2021 is expected to attract more than 450 exhibitors at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, with more than 200 technical papers, a plenary lecture and four keynote lectures presented by leading experts.

More about the call for papers:

Online Training: Liquid Filtration Testing Basics Short Course

AFS is offering its Liquid Filtration Testing Basics Short Course online on June 11, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm CDT. This introductory course, presented by Nicolas Petillon CTO of IFTS, covers liquid filtration testing, testing methods, and the standard equipment and instruments used. The course will cover filter test techniques and standards for water, fuel, lube oil, hydraulic fluids, and other industrial liquids. In addition particle characteristics and efficiency methods and ratings will be reviewed.

Learning Objective:

Attendees will leave with a broad view and better understanding of the principles and methods available to pre-qualify and optimize liquid filtration selection.

Who should attend:

Filtration Design Engineers, Filtration Product Managers, Filtration Users, Liquid Process Managers, Solid Liquid Separation Researchers, New Product Development Managers, Filter Media Developers, Laboratory Researchers, Laboratory Managers.

For more details and to register:

Ohio Fabricators Co celebrates 75th anniversary

Ohio Fabricators Company (OFCO), a custom manufacturer of filters, strainers and diffusers for a wide range of industries, announced a celebration of its 75 years in business. Founded in 1944 in Coshocton, Ohio, halfway between Columbus and Cleveland, OFCO began by manufacturing filters for airplane motors in support of the war effort. Though much has changed since Lemuel Forman, Joseph Rokovan and Ivan MacKeiler started OFCO, the company’s commitment to third-party audited quality management, exceptional delivery times and the highest level of customer service has sustained its legacy and kept customers coming back.

OFCO’s products range from penny-sized metal filters to 20-inch diameter strainers. Industries supported by OFCO are just as diverse and include construction, farming and mining to oil and gas production, hydraulics, automotive/transportation and virtually any industry that needs to filter liquids.


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