Micronics announces MINE-XLL filter cloth for mining industry

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group introduced its newest filter press cloth, MINE-XLL. It was developed and tailored for the mining industry to provide long life, decreasing the frequency of filter cloth change-outs, a factor in mining & mineral processing dewatering operations including copper, zinc, gold, silver, rare earths, lithium, and more.

MINE-XLL filter cloth has proven to achieve a lifetime 3 times that of traditional polypropylene (PP) felted mining cloth. It has been tested at 10 mine sites and has reached over 10,000 cycles before the need for cloth change-out. MINE-XLL has also shown better cake release than traditional PP felted mining cloth, greater mechanical resistance to abrasive, high-velocity mine slurries, and less fabric blinding. 



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