MANN+HUMMEL cabin air filter for clean air

MANN+HUMMEL’s ENTARON CA category 4 cabin air filter to provide clean air for operators of self-propelled field sprayers. It helps to protect from aerosols and gases and is approximately 30 percent smaller than other cabin air filters. MANN+HUMMEL combines three different filter media in the ENTARON HD housing, cellulose, glass fiber and activated carbon filter media, to ensure the highest protection at a flow rate of 55 cubic meters per hour. The glass fiber bellow offers a separation efficiency of 99.95 percent for pesticides in the form aerosols.

Protection for the operator of agricultural vehicles and machines is regulated by the European standard DIN EN 15695 with four levels.  MANN+HUMMEL has filters suitable for each category, with the ENTARON CA qualifying for Category 4.

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