Donaldson’s new protective venting for vehicle powertrains

Donaldson Snap-Fit and Screw-Fit powertrain vents
Donaldson Snap-Fit and Screw-Fit powertrain vents family

Donaldson Company, Inc, a manufacturer of filtration products and solutions, introduced a new vent to help protect vehicle powertrain enclosures from contaminants and pressure stress. Donaldson now offers four powertrain vents (PTV) for standardized assembly and long vent life to vehicles operating in harsh conditions, including the Screw-fit and three Hose-Fit Powertrains Vents, all featuring an oil-coalescing pre-filter to maintain airflow. The vents measure two inches or less in length, with the Hose-Fit Vents fitting like a cap over the end of a short vent hose and the Screw-Fit Vent screwing directly into the powertrain housing.

To reduce a build-up of oil film that can minimize venting airflow, Donaldson powertrain vents have a coalescing pre-filter made of proprietary Synteq XP media that sheds oil. The automotive venting product line includes a Dual-Stage Battery Vent, Snap-Fit, Press-Fit, Weld-Fit and Srew-Fit Vents along with the two powertrain vents.

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