OR filters reliably remove organic and inorganic solid to minimize maintenance costs

Orival OR Filters for Suspended Solids

Plugged nozzles, coated heat exchange surfaces and dirty chillers are not only a costly maintenance item but result in higher operating costs. The only way to prevent this potential is to remove suspended solids from the distribution system.

The OR-Series of filters by Orival, Inc. are designed to reliably remove both organic and inorganic suspended solids. With their highly efficient flushing systems and large screen areas, Orival OR filters provide superior performance and quick payback.

OR filters are generally mounted in a horizontal configuration parallel to the piping for quick and easy installation. The ORG-Series of Orival Filters offer the same qualities and performance but in a vertical mounting configuration.

Payback on investment has been documented as quickly as 33 days for flow rates of 1100 gpm. Rugged OR and ORG Filters, with their stainless steel screens and rugged dirt collectors, do not rely on electricity for filter operation. A simple integrated hydraulic system manages the short cleaning cycle triggered by a predetermined pressure loss across the dirty screen.Complete screen cleaning takes only 5-15 seconds with no interruption of water flow.


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