Threats & Opportunities Your Filtration Business to Contend with in 2023

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M&A deal teams & terms – navigating the jungle when selling your business

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Don’t make these mistakes when you sell your business

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Discussions in determining the right business strategy usually center around your competition. The correct exit strategy when selling your business depends heavily upon creating competition among the bidders. A competitive …

Threats and opportunities for your business in 2023. Illustration:

This year’s decision by Department of Justice (DOJ) to derail the proposed sale of Crane’s Engineered Materials segment for $360 million places more pressure on buyer and seller to be …

Navigating the jungle when selling your business

Congratulations — you have made the decision to sell your company or are seriously contemplating it. The next step is to prepare yourself, learn new terminology and understand the necessity …


What could be more disheartening in going through the process of selling your business than getting ready to sit at the table with the “perfect” buyer who is willing to …

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You have invested years, possibly decades of your life building a successful business. When the time comes to sell that business, you’ll want to get the greatest possible value in …