Acquisitions Have Shaped the Filtration and Separation Market

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Geopolitical Disruptions Inspire Filtration Innovations

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Proactive approach to true cost and ESG

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Leading companies in the filtration and separation sector will display their latest products at FILTEC 2022.

Ten thousand market niches averaging $10 million each comprise the filtration and separation market.1 The most successful filtration and separation companies are market leaders or have strategies to become the …

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Innovations to be meaningful have to respond to needs. Innovations can result from improved design or production. They are measurable in terms of lowering true cost. Cost can be measured …


The filtration industry is making a major effort to reduce true cost through its sustainability efforts. Much of the effort has been defensive and reactive. The focus is on how …


Acquisitions have created the lowest true cost filtration suppliers A good product customized for an application is better than a great product which has not been adapted. The lowest true …

Ceramic filter

The true cost of a filter depends on external factors such as urgency and environmental impacts. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has greatly increased the urgency of acquiring filters in …