$15 Billion Industrial Cartridge Market

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Filtration Market Is an Aggregation of Niches

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Filtration 3F Market Guide

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Eaton's LOFTOP™ and LOFTREX M™ polyester filter cartridge

The industrial cartridge filter market generates revenues of more than $15 billion per year. This global number is useful to determine whether the market is large or small. But it …

Energy is critical to filtration.

The most profitable market for filter suppliers should be the lowest cost of ownership for the end user. The expenditure is determined by relevant facts. The quantities needed are determined …


The Filtration Industry Can Improve EBITDA with the 3F Guide (Facts, Factors and Forecasts) If the same amount of effort to prepare financial statements is also placed into gathering all …

Leading companies in the filtration and separation sector will display their latest products at FILTEC 2022.

Ten thousand market niches averaging $10 million each comprise the filtration and separation market.1 The most successful filtration and separation companies are market leaders or have strategies to become the …

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Innovations to be meaningful have to respond to needs. Innovations can result from improved design or production. They are measurable in terms of lowering true cost. Cost can be measured …