True Cost of Filters Changes with Russian Invasion

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Reducing the true cost in blood plasma fractionation filtration and separation

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True cost determination is the first step toward increasing filtration industry profitability

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Ceramic filter

The true cost of a filter depends on external factors such as urgency and environmental impacts. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has greatly increased the urgency of acquiring filters in certain applications. It has also introduced a freedom factor which temporarily supersedes climate change priorities. The invasion and tacit support by China have created greater …

Plasma Fractionation

The market for air, water and energy products for blood plasma fractionation and drugs derived from the plasma is approaching $5 billion per year. The market for filtration and separation devices and media is several hundred million dollars. The consumable media segment is substantial, and in part determined by technology advances. Plasma is a large-volume application …

Factors affecting MPM

A minority of companies in the filtration industry are achieving EBITA of 30%. The average is less than 15%. How does a filtration company improve EBITA? The answer is to provide a product with a true cost much lower than the competition and adjust gross margins to share some of the product benefits with the …

NOAA observations

Bioenergy with carbon capture and sequestration is now high on the list of technologies advocated by environmentalists. The reason is that it is carbon negative. If a coal plant switches to BECCS (BioEnergy Carbon Capture and Sequestration) it would take as much CO2 out of the atmosphere as it was previously contributing. The implications for …

HVAC Air filter

A major change has taken place in the selection of HVAC filters. The coronavirus has resulted in initiatives to use more efficient filters wherever possible. New developments in nanofibers and other media are allowing purchasers to achieve high efficiency without excessive energy consumption. Lowest total cost of ownership factors in selecting an HVAC filter depend …