Movers & Shakers June 2024: Water Systems Warn Americans of Major Rate Fikes to Filter out PFAS

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Movers & Shakers May 2024: Bluewater Bio Wins Contract in Bahrain

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Movers & Shakers April 2024: Ahlstrom Introduces a New Dual-Layer Filtration Technology for Longer Lifetime

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Ultrasonic-welded facemask

Sonobond Ultrasonics’ textile assembly machines help to increase production speed and create barrier seams that satisfy regulatory requirements for face masks, medical gowns and other nonwoven textile medical supplies needed …


BASF and Hengst have developed a reusable plastic spin-on oil filter module for cars made from engineering plastic Ultramid Structure LFX.  Blue.on is the sustainable alternative to conventional spin-on modules …


The Swedish Textile Machinery Association (TMAS), ACG Kinna and ACG Nyström collaborated with Juki Corporation, a sewing machine manufacturer, in the development of a new automated line concept to speed …


Ile-de-France region has introduced a support mechanism, IP’AIR, for projects aimed to improved air quality in public transport underground areas as part of the “Changeons d’air,” or “Let’s change our …


Wogaard and Eclipse Magnetics announced the collaborative green solution to save up to 50% of coolant and oil in metalworking systems. The MagSaver Kit combines Wogaard’s coolant saver with Eclipse …