Sonobond Ultrasonics’ machinery creates barrier seams to meet COVID-19 requirements

Ultrasonic-welded facemask
Example of facemasks assembled with Sonobond Ultrasonics’ ultrasonic bonding technology.

Sonobond Ultrasonics’ textile assembly machines help to increase production speed and create barrier seams that satisfy regulatory requirements for face masks, medical gowns and other nonwoven textile medical supplies needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has been granted a waiver from Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 Orders so it can continue producing equipment that assembles medical supplies.

The machinery uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves to produce sealed edges and secure barrier seams. Bonds are created without stitch holes, glue gaps, fraying or unraveling and no thread or other consumables are required. Most commonly used face masks can be wholly or partially assembled using the SeamMaster Ultrasonic Sewing Machine or in combination with the PlungeBonder Ultrasonic Spot-Weld Bonder.  Disposable medical gowns and shoe covers, lint-free wound dressings, pillow and mattress covers, and pouches for sterilizing and storing medical instruments can also be produced with the machines.

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