ITMA Milan: Leading Industry Experts to Give Keynote Presentations on Sustainable Textile Innovation

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Filtering Ideas & Innovation

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Movers & Shakers May 2023: Metso Outotec Becomes Metso

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Advanced Separation Technologies (AST) announced May 7, 2019 that it has finalized the sale of all the assets and rights relating to Advanced Separation Technologies (CentraSep®) and AST Leasing collectively …


A new Freedonia study finds that the Chinese market for internal combustion engine, air, and fluid filters will approach $18 billion in 2022, and remain the largest in the world. …

AquaStorm Filter Media

With more than 25 years of application experience utilizing cloth media filtration for tertiary wastewater applications, Aqua-Aerobic Systems complete line of cloth media filters has demonstrated the ability to accommodate …

Orival OR Filters for Suspended Solids

Plugged nozzles, coated heat exchange surfaces and dirty chillers are not only a costly maintenance item but result in higher operating costs. The only way to prevent this potential is …

Hermann Ultrasonics' MICROBOND

Are you still using heat or glue for your nonwovens application? The advantages of ultrasonic solutions in the manufacturing of nonwovens products significantly supports sustainability intiatives.  Herrmann Ultrasonics has been …