Movers & Shakers – April 2021: NXTNano to add three nanofiber lines; expanding production capacity to meet strong demand expected through 2023

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PPE assembly methods

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Student Spotlight: Laser-induced graphene for biofouling prevention in desalination & water treatment systems

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Metso Outotec is extending its product family line of FFP filters with its new Larox FFP3716 filter. It is a high-capacity filter designed for tailings applications. The filter comes with a compact plate pack design and automation to improve tailings filtration. The design features individual controlled sealing cylinders to ensure a squared plate pack at …


A2Z Filtration Specialities is a designer and manufacturer of complete customer-centric automation solutions for filter production & assembly. A2Z’s customer base includes industry leaders in over 70 Countries. The Company excels in providing superior value, durable and globally serviceable production lines. The components are sourced from leading global suppliers to ensure an ease of availability …

The SeamMaster® Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, when greater supplies of personal protective equipment are critically needed by hospital staff, first responders, and other healthcare providers, Sonobond Ultrasonics’ textile assembly machines help manufacturers increase production speeds while producing the barrier seams that satisfy regulatory requirements. Advantages of ultrasonic technology Ultrasonics is the preferred assembly method for PPE, …

ELSNER range of solutions

From surgical drapes and gowns to canister wipes and spiral-wound filters, ELSNER has helped dozens of customers maintain throughput and boost productivity by implementing automation into their production lines. With manufacturers needing more resilience to disruption for the future as they continue to face ongoing challenges with the COVID-19 crisis, there’s never been a time …

Custom assembly machinery

For over 65 years, Chase Machine and Engineering has designed and built custom web handling systems and process equipment for many of the largest and most progressive filter media and filter manufacturers in the world. Our talented team of mechanical, automation and electrical engineers, along with our experienced and diverse manufacturing technicians, provide our customers …