Movers & Shakers – January 2021: Frost & Sullivan report highlights ‘radical innovations’ in RO desalination technology

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Student Spotlight: Laser-induced graphene for biofouling prevention in desalination & water treatment systems

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Student Spotlight: Highly selective membrane filtration

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ATI's 100X Automated Filter Tester

Air Techniques International (ATI) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of specialized test equipment for HEPA filters, media, filter cartridges, respirators, and protective masks. Recently ATI is making a name for itself in the mask testing industry where its automated filter tester has brought industry-leading accuracy and efficiency to validation testing performed …

LiqTech Hybrid Technology Membrane

LiqTech has launched its Hybrid Technology Membrane (HTM), a unique filter membrane, which is based on a new hybrid technology where multiple ceramic materials are combined in one membrane. By combining its own silicon carbide technology with another ceramic material, LiqTech has developed an ultrafiltration membrane with a pore size of 60 nanometers, which the …

International Filtration News Movers & Shakers

In the dynamic and global filtration industry, news and information is breaking on a daily basis. International Filtration News is tracking stories relevant to our industry from air and gas filtration to liquid filtration and the various end-uses for filtration technology. Here we will post news stories relevant to filtration and its downstream applications on …


Unified Brands, part of Dover, announced a partnership with Purafil to provide a new air filtration solution to the foodservice industry. The new PURA 400, PURA 800 and PURA 1200 units use a multi-stage filtration process that was shown to remove 99.99% of aerosols carrying viruses from the air entering the unit during third-party laboratory …

FUNDAWAVE Solid/Liquid Separation

DrM’s FUNDAWAVE is a new filtration concept targeting applications that so far could not give satisfactory results with any type solid/liquid separation equipment. The equipment is based on the cross-flow principle with membrane-based filtering media adapted to specific filtration duties. The flowrate is maintained by constantly removing the solids layer forming on the membrane. In …