Student Spotlight: Electrospun nanofibers for filtration

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More than 200 lectures and 400 exhibitors scheduled for FILTECH 2019

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Reverse osmosis for desalination

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Kaner's hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter cartridges.

Kaner announced its Kan-I TLK series filter cartridges, which utilize hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane to prevent water retention, microbial growth and minimize blockage. According to Kaner, the TLK series filter cartridges have high structural strength and corrosion, oxidation and organic solvent resistances to filter a variety of corrosive fluids at a high flow rate. The …

Fraunhofer ITWM provides simulation solutions for filter applications

Fraunhofer has developed a method to predict filtration properties based on three-dimensional models of the filter media and process. Using both GeoDict software, continuously developed since 2001, and the Filter Element Simulation Toolbox (FiltEST), Fraunhofer is able to simulate a filtration process at both a micro- and macro-scale. GeoDict software predicts filtration properties of the …

Henkel & Sonderhoff at Filtech 2019

Henkel and Sonderhoff jointly-presented their filter manufacturing products for the first time at Filtech 2019. Henkel offers the world’s widest range of adhesives and sealants while Sonderhoff, which has been part of Henkel since 2017, is a system provider for materials, machines and contract manufacturing. Together they are providing customized solutions from a single source, …

Brine (NaCl) aerosols captured on (A) as-spun and (B) polarized PVDF filter media

Harshal Gade is pursuing his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at University of Akron, where he is in his third year working in the Multiphase Transport Research Group under Prof. George Chase, Ph.D. Gade’s research topics involve polarization of electro-spun polymeric nanofibers and using them in various filtration and separation applications, such as air filtration and …

Porvair microfiltration cartridge

Porvair Filtration Group recently announced the addition of the 4-lug adaptor to its Junior Cartridge Filter range for small-scale applications. Following feedback from end users and distribution channels, Porvair designed and manufactured this series to compliment the already comprehensive range of junior cartridge filters. The new 4-lug filters are suitable for applications that require the …