Student Spotlight: Soft particle impact on fuel filter systems filtration

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FiltXPO to debut with a focus on the full spectrum of filtration applications & technology

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FiltXPO to consider challenges and opportunities for the filtration industry of today and tomorrow

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Blade pleating equipment from JCEM

Swiss-made precision for innovative CNC pleating solutions JCEM Group, which includes JCEM GmbH (Switzerland), TAG GmbH (Germany) and JCEM Inc. (USA), is the global leader for all types of pleating equipment, offering the world’s most innovative, efficient, and robust pleating systems available. Our lineup consists of the latest generation P7 model offering world-record pleating speeds, …


The Swedish Textile Machinery Association (TMAS), ACG Kinna and ACG Nyström collaborated with Juki Corporation, a sewing machine manufacturer, in the development of a new automated line concept to speed up the production of finished filter bags. The SFL-2000 line is a four-year development project between the companies.  It is suited for a wide range …


Ile-de-France region has introduced a support mechanism, IP’AIR, for projects aimed to improved air quality in public transport underground areas as part of the “Changeons d’air,” or “Let’s change our air” policy, adopted in 2016. The policy aims to support projects that offer ways to improve air quality for the long term. The goal is …


Wogaard and Eclipse Magnetics announced the collaborative green solution to save up to 50% of coolant and oil in metalworking systems. The MagSaver Kit combines Wogaard’s coolant saver with Eclipse Magnetics’ compact magnetic filter, the MicroMag.  The coolant saver automatically reclaims coolant dragged out into the swarf bin from the conveyor during  machine operation while …


Porvair Filtration Group announced a range of Tekfil polypropylene depth filter cartridges for process and industrial applications. Tekfil is available in a variety of industrial standard lengths as either absolute or nominal-rated cartridges. The range includes Tekfil A, Tekfil N, Tekfil WF and Tekfil HV. Tekfil A is the standard Tekfil filter cartridge, made from …