Movers & Shakers – September 2020: Researchers develop carbon nanotube porins to enhance performance of CNTs in desalination

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Student Spotlight: Leveraging membrane filtration to unleash the potential of Copper-67

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Student Spotlight: Membrane adsorbers for radiochemical separations

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MAAG Group Screen Changer

MAAG Group announced the launch of an updated melt filtration product portfolio that supports compounding processes. The flat-side technology, FSC, covers a wide range of viscosities and temperatures for low-viscosity polymers, such as hot-melt adhesives. MAAG’s design allows for leakproof operation, and the metal hybrid sealing system provides process reliability, handling temperatures up to 320 …

Solar-Powered Desalination System Developed by University of Arizona Researchers

In the dynamic and global filtration industry, news and information is breaking on a daily basis. International Filtration News is tracking stories relevant to our industry from air and gas filtration to liquid filtration and the various end-uses for filtration technology. Here we will post news stories relevant to filtration and its downstream applications on …


MANN+HUMMEL has announced the MANN-FILTER PU 12 004 z diesel fuel filter. The pressure-side filter operation is based on a three-stage process. The filter can be recycled as it is made with metal-free elements and can be changed without excessive force.  In the first stage, the filter medium removes solid dirt particles from the diesel …

Spencer's GS-144-F (food-grade) is used to filter cooked meat fines from hot oil.

Spencer Strainer Systems manufactures a permanent, sealed, self-cleaning filter/strainer for removing particles from liquid flows. This durable, Type 316 stainless steel unit eliminates product waste, emissions, labor costs, and interruptions common to other types of filters. Industrial, sanitary, and 3A grades are available. The Spencer Strainer was developed by Glenn E, Spencer in the late …

Rosedale Products High Flow Filter Housing

Rosedale Products, Inc. is a leading technology developer in the field of liquid filtration systems and waste minimization products for customers worldwide. With more than 50 years of experience, Rosedale offers an exceptional product line that includes high-performance filtration solutions for multiple industries. Rosedale technicians help customers find the best, most cost-effective approaches to their …