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Process Profile: Zero liquid discharge

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Student Spotlight: Droplet mobility on nonwoven surfaces

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Blue.on Filter

Hengst Filtration’s Blue.on, an alternative to spin-on oil filters, has been awarded the Münsterland Award for Innovation. The sustainable oil filter consists of a solid plastic lid, a replaceable filter cartridge, and a base with integrated valve technology. A conventional spin-on oil filter requires the entire filter be replaced during an oil change and for …

Microcap Capsule Filters

Porvair Filtration Group announced a further expansion to its range of microfiltration products, launching five new Microcap capsule filters in sizes for small-to-medium industrial applications. The filters are used in industries including water, chemical processes and sanitary capsules for pharmaceutical manufacturing, with the extended range providing capsule and cartridge filters to support liquid and gas …

High-speed images of a ferrofluid droplet penetrating into a layer of parallel Polystyrene (PS) fibers electrospun for 3 minutes are shown in the figure.

Mohammad Jamali is pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he is conducting research on understanding droplet mobility and penetration in nonwovens via numerical simulation and complementary experiment at Porous Media and Multi-Phase Flows (PMMF) Laboratory. His project is supported by The Nonwoven Institute at North Carolina State University. After finishing …

BB Engineering White Filter Cleaning System

Using BBE‘s WFC for pre-cleaning PET and PA 6 filters enables manufacturers to renounce solvents. TEG and similar solvents are toxic, highly flammable, harmful to the environment and costly in terms of purchase and disposal. WFC – using only steam – is eco-friendly, cost-saving and less dangerous for users. The cleaning effect of White Filter …

Mann+Hummel MULTIGRADE F-MB 2000

MANN+HUMMEL’s MULTIGRADE F-MB 2000 fuel filter element has a separation efficiency of 99.95 percent for particles with a size of four micrometers. MANN+HUMMEL is also currently working on the filter media MULTIGRADE F-MB 10000, which further improves particle separation efficiency thanks to an improved gradient structure. The separation efficiency is 99.99 percent for particles with …