Alfa Laval launches premium separator range for single-use pharmaceutical processing

Alfa Laval CultureOne

Alfa Laval introduced a new unique single-use separator range – Alfa Laval CultureOne Maxi – for biopharma processing. All product-contact parts in the separator system can be replaced after each batch, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination, and increasing process hygiene and safety.

In 2020, Alfa Laval launched the first premium separator for single-use biopharma processing in small scale production. Based on the positive market reception the company is now expanding the offering to a range of single-use separators, covering the scope from small lab production up to large scale processing.

Until recently, single-use disc-stack separators did not exist on the market. This forced manufacturers to choose less efficient alternatives for cell harvesting. Now the Alfa Laval CultureOne Maxi single-use range eliminates the need for onsite cleaning and sterilization – and thereby the associated consumption of chemicals, water and energy.

Alfa Laval CultureOne is used in processes for harvesting fragile cell cultures which are later used for injectable drugs for treating life-threatening illnesses including cancer and to counter organ transplant rejection.

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