Air filtration in transition: a new test standard is coming

Evaluation of air filters in accordance with EN 779 will soon be history. ISO 16890 is coming and will replace the old standard by the middle of 2018 at the latest. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is actively supporting customers and end-users in informing themselves about important changes and ensuring that they are ready to adapt to the new standard in good time.FFT_Press_Release_ISO16890_Picture1_Expert-interview_CMYK_300dpi

For years already, the World Health Organization and environmental authorities have been using particle sizes in evaluating air quality. The industry is now finally following their lead. With the introduction of the new ISO 16890 test standard, filter efficiency will be determined on the basis of particulate classes PM1, PM2,5 and PM10. In future, this will ensure that filters are much more evaluated on the basis of their actual performance and will help users to select filters in a more targeted manner than was previously possible.

Freudenberg provides the facts about the conversion

Experts from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies have worked closely with and continue to actively participate in the relevant committees in developing and drawing up the new test standard. This will make the Freudenberg team a valuable source of advice for filter and filtration system users during the transition phase. The company has already published information about the key differences between the EN 779 and the upcoming ISO 16890 test standard on a dedicated website, including details of the new testing methodology and the future allocation of air filters into groups. The specialists at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies can also be contacted directly by emailing to All enquiries will receive a prompt response.

Expert interview about ISO 16890

Dr. Thomas Caesar, Director Global Filter Engineering Industrial Filtration at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, provides a detailed explanation of the changes that will accompany ISO 16890 in an in-depth interview. Key points include measurements based on different particle sizes, evaluation according to specific application conditions, and the allocation of filters into groups rather than classes. A video of the interview can be viewed on the Freudenberg Filtration Technologies website or on the company’s YouTube channel ( Freudenberg’s aim is to provide transparent information about the new standard and thus to ensure that customers and end-users are fully aware of what ISO 16890 will mean for them.

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Timeline for the introduction of the ISO 16890 test standard
Timeline for the introduction of the ISO 16890 test standard

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