Porvair strengthens its position in microelectronics market

GasPro filters
GasPro filters

An international leader in filtration and separation has unveiled its new microelectronics product range, opening up fresh market opportunities and extending sales channels for pre-existing lines.

Porvair Filtration Group sees microelectronics as a new and exciting market, driven by the need for efficient, low power, low cost devices – and a key growth target as it looks to enhance its status as a quality supplier of filters to the semiconductor industry.

Last year, Porvair underlined its ambition to innovate in advanced electronics by acquiring Idaho-based TEM Filters, a designer and manufacturer of PTFE and metal fibre filters for the microelectronics industry.

The acquisition of TEM – now known as Porvair’s Boise Division – has allowed Porvair to leverage a wealth of expertise, complementing the sintered powder metal products that have already been developed for the microelectronics market by its Caribou Division.

As a result, the company has been able to unveil an expanded and diverse range of high purity filtration products.

As part of its new range of GasPro™ products, Porvair can now offer diverse options, from Restrictive Flow Products (RFP) with a single opening, to Sintered Metal Flow Restrictors with thousands of sub-micron passageways.

These flow-limiting devices are installed in compressed gas supply systems or in gas distribution manifolds to control a high flow spike, caused by the rupture of a gas supply line, a malfunctioning valve or the failure of a pressure regulator.

Highly reliable GasPro Sintered Metal Flow Restrictors are low cost, flow control parts that will provide a quick return on investment for a range of applications.

Porvair’s new GasPro high purity gas filtration products meanwhile are optimized for the protection of critical valves, pressure regulators, mass flow controllers and other gas panel components used in microelectronics gas delivery equipment.

GasPro cleanroom-packaged compact filters can be used in harsh environments, including high pressure (up to 100psid@68┬░F (20┬░C)) and high temperature (850┬░F (455┬░C)), safeguarding critical components against particle damage. These products are designed to install into ┬╝”, Ôࣔ and ┬¢” vacuum face seal (VCR┬«) fittings.

Furthermore, Porvair’s new GasPro high purity gas diffuser and filter products are for controlled, reduced turbulence, laminar gas flow when purging or venting load lock, transfer, cooling and vacuum chambers used in microelectronic processing equipment.

GasPro chamber quick vent diffuser filters allow large volumes of gas to be purged into vacuum environments, whilst minimizing disturbance to particles within the chamber.

These diffuser filters can be retrofitted into vacuum chambers, transfer chambers, cooling chambers, process chambers and load lock chambers.
“Microelectronics is a very exciting new market for us, affording great opportunities,” said Kevin Nelson, president of Porvair in the USA.

“Investment in our Boise Division is already delivering fresh innovation to the semiconductor industry. The unveiling of our widened product range underlines our commitment to providing cutting-edge, high quality design solutions that deliver enhanced value to our customers.

“Our new range is helping to control high gas flow and safeguard critical components against damage, making them an essential part of industrial processes, while strengthening our ability to meet the high demands of customers in this market.”

The company will be on hand at Semicon West, taking place at the MosconeCenter in San Francisco on 12-14 July, and can be found at booth 1244.

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