Wärtsilä launches new, smaller IQ Series scrubber for exhaust gas treatment

IQ Series exhaust gas treatment system

Wärtsilä launched its new IQ Series exhaust gas treatment system, featuring improvements that make the technology suitable to container vessels. The IQ Series scrubber requires 25% less space, is 30% lighter and has 35% less volume, minimizing the impact on a vessel’s cargo-carrying capacity while featuring the same modular design as Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment’s other exhaust gas cleaning solutions. The scrubber can be configured to use between 20 and 70 MW of power.

IQ Series is manufactured with 50% recycled steel and can be upgraded with an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to cut NOx, a black carbon filter to cut particulate matter (PM), a depluming unit to cut visible steam from the stack, and a carbon capture and storage (CCS) module that Wärtsilä is currently developing.


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