Ultra-fine filtration with new fuel filter media

Mann+Hummel MULTIGRADE F-MB 2000
Mann+Hummel's MULTIGRADE F-MB 2000 has a separation efficiency of 99.95 percent for particles with a size of four micrometers.

MANN+HUMMEL’s MULTIGRADE F-MB 2000 fuel filter element has a separation efficiency of 99.95 percent for particles with a size of four micrometers. MANN+HUMMEL is also currently working on the filter media MULTIGRADE F-MB 10000, which further improves particle separation efficiency thanks to an improved gradient structure. The separation efficiency is 99.99 percent for particles with a size of four micrometers. The first filter elements with this media will undergo tests in the field in 2020.

The fuel filters effectively protect modern injection systems against contaminants by retaining smallest particles. This considerably lengthens the service life of system components such as the high pressure pump and the injectors. It also enables the homogeneous atomization and complete combustion of the diesel. High resistant filter media also perform their function with lower fuel quality or adverse operating conditions by ensuring the required purity of fuel in the injection system and therefore provide protection against wear and contaminants. This helps to avoid downtimes.

The fuel filter elements, which are equipped with the media are a witness to the innovative strength of the filter manufacturer. They can be flexibly adapted to existing installation spaces and for different applications ranging from car engines to commercial vehicle engines for on-road and off-road applications and also industrial engines. A center tube in the element ensures excellent stability and a fully-synthetic protection layer prevents glass fibers from the layers of the media penetrating the fuel system. Measurements are made using a new measurement method developed by MANN+HUMMEL. This enables the improved detection of individual glass fibers in the fuel flow. Customers therefore benefit from the holistic approach of the filter specialist in the development of highly efficient filter media.


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