The growing trend of sustainability leads directly to Herrmann ultrasonics

Hermann Ultrasonics' MICROBOND
Hermann Ultrasonics' new MICROBOND platform.

Are you still using heat or glue for your nonwovens application?

The advantages of ultrasonic solutions in the manufacturing of nonwovens products significantly supports sustainability intiatives.  Herrmann Ultrasonics has been at the forefront of this push in the industry, with leading ultrasonic technology, making glue-free diapers possible. Ultrasonic welding of nonwovens is a fast and stable process that is easily repeatable and immediately production-ready without the need for the pre-heating of components or adhesives. The technology allows for simultaneous embossing, laminating, perforating and cutting. The laminated materials provide a pleasant softness and fulfill all requirements for wear comfort and functionality. There is no need for hot glue –the process becomes more manageable, sustainable and ultimatly more efficient.

The introduction of the new MICROBOND platform allows for greater closed loop process control and the new intuiative touch screen supports visual real time process changes and monitoring, multiple actuator control and graphical representation of the ultrasonic bonding process in a single handheld unit.  These standard features, along with the proven MICROGAP control system, ensures consistent product quality and provides key advantages:

  • Elimination of adhesive and the downtime associated with preheating, start up and preventative maintenance
  • Soft to the touch – skin friendly
  • Close loop feedback ultrasonic process control offers high reliability and efficiency at high-speed production rates

End users and OEM’s persist to eliminate adhesives; turning to ultrasonics as the solution due to the high residual costs of running adhesive production and a significant reduction in machine downtime. Further development of elastic entrapment and stretch paneling applications support the move to glue-free diapers and a more sustainable process.

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