Movers & Shakers – March 2023: LG Chem Supplies RO Membranes to China’s Largest Salt Lake Lithium Extraction Project

LG Chem RO membranes
LG Chem RO membranes

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Most recent update: March 23, 2023

DuPont Launches Next Generation of PES In-Out Ultrafiltration (UF) Membranes

DuPont multi bore chart
DuPont multi bore chart

DuPont announced the commercial launch of the next generation of multi-capillary PES In-Out Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes—DuPont™ Multibore™ PRO. Customers can leverage Multibore™ PRO to reduce the number of modules needed in water purification systems — as part of multi-technology approaches to desalination, municipal drinking water, or industrial water applications.

The first polymeric membrane with a completely new geometry since the seven-capillary Multibore™ debuted over two decades ago, DuPont™ Multibore™ PRO combines 19 bores within a single fiber to enable customers to realize both performance and sustainability benefits through the increased surface area and reduced installation area for a given flow rate target.

DuPont™ Multibore™ PRO is the newest innovation within the recently launched DuPont™ IntegraTec™ UF portfolio, one of the most versatile ultrafiltration technology offerings in the industry. Integrating technologies from three legacy brands, DuPont™ IntegraTec™ offers an extensive range of reliable and durable modules and rack configurations, capable of solving a wide variety of water treatment challenges by harnessing precision membrane chemistry.

With more than double the capillaries, this increased membrane filtration surface area per module means fewer modules are required in water treatment installations to achieve higher productivity and efficiencies, driving value for operational expenses. UF modules equipped with Multibore™ PRO membranes can achieve floor footprint savings of up to 15 percent per rack, while also reducing both capital expenditures due to reduced rack components and assembly costs.

LG Chem Supplies RO Membranes to China’s Largest Salt Lake Lithium Extraction Project

LG Chem RO membranes
LG Chem RO membranes

LG Chem announced that the company has shipped more than 10,000 RO membranes to the Guoan lithium extraction project led by CITIC Group, China’s largest state-owned investment company. The Guoan project, which kickstarted its full-scale operation in Qinghai province this year, is the largest salt lake lithium extraction project in China.

TUS-Qingyuan which manages the lithium extraction project across EPC, engineering, procurement, and construction expects to produce 20,000 tons of lithium carbonate annually by using LG Chem’s RO membranes. This is equivalent to manufacturing batteries for nearly half a million EVs. In addition, this is the world’s largest lithium extraction project using a filtration device.

RO membrane significantly reduces the amount of energy required for lithium production. To obtain lithium dissolved in salt lakes, water must be evaporated to increase its concentration which had been performed by applying heat to remove water. With the reverse osmosis process using RO membranes, however, it allows to quickly filter out the water molecules without applying heat.

LG Chem’s RO membrane is primarily used for seawater desalination, characterized by a high level of impurity removal rate and a high production flow. In addition, the company’s products have been recognized for excellent durability compared to those of its competitors, as several lithium extraction projects in China other than the Guoan project implemented LG Chem’s product.

Five out of nine salt lake lithium extraction projects in China adopted the RO membrane method. As a result, the RO membrane market in China expects to grow by more than 8% each year, reaching a market size of KRW 2.2 trillion (CNY 11.9 billion, USD 1.68 billion) by 2025. LG Chem plans to expand sales of its RO membrane in other salt lake lithium projects in China and South America.

Donaldson’s Alpha-Web Media Provides Cleaner Hydraulic Fluid

Donaldson Company, Inc., a leading worldwide manufacturer of innovative filtration solutions has released Alpha-Web® filtration media. This new hydraulic filtration technology significantly improves hydraulic fluid cleanliness which can extend hydraulic component life, decrease downtime and lower the cost of equipment ownership.

Donaldson filter products

Filters must stand up to the challenge of maintaining fluid cleanliness and system protection against frequently changing flow rates prevalent in real-world operating conditions. Alpha-Web filtration technology features a first-of-its-kind fine-fiber layer to trap and lock particles during frequent flow-rate changes, delivering transformational improvement in hydraulic equipment protection. Advanced contaminant retention results in cleaner oil and helps ensure that equipment will continue to perform better, and longer, with a lower risk of wear, damage and unplanned downtime.

Record Turnover for Grundfos in 2022

Grundfos headquarters in Bjerringbro.
Grundfos headquarters in Bjerringbro.

Grundfos reported a strong performance in 2022 with sales growth of 12.1%, net turnover at a record DKK33.3 billion and earnings reaching DKK3.9 billion.

Grundfos achieved strong sales growth in key markets, including the US, Germany and the UK, which contributed to a 2022 global growth of 16.2%, adjusted for lost sales in Russia and Belarus.
During 2022, Grundfos closed its business in Russia and Belarus incurring a one-off restructuring expense of DKK851 million.

2022 was a year with historic market turbulence including the Russian invasion of Ukraine, continued impact of Covid-19, bottlenecks in global supply chains, rising energy prices, high inflationary pressure and significant currency swings.

Singapore Selects DuPont Water Solutions’ MBR, RO Technologies

DuPont Water Solutions announced that its membrane bioreactor (MBR) system and reverse osmosis technologies have been selected for implementation in Singapore’s Tuas Water Reclamation Plant (WRP).
The implementation is part of a multi-technology solution for the WRP, which is under construction as part of the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 2 project by PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency. The new facility is planned to commence initial operations in 2026 and is poised to become one of the world’s largest MBR facilities when fully completed.

PUB and its water infrastructure contractor, UES Holding Pte. Ltd., selected DuPont’s MemPulse® MBR System and FilmTec™ Reverse Osmosis (RO) technologies.

Once fully operational, the Tuas WRP will have the capacity to treat an average dry weather flow of 650,000 m3/day (171 million gallons daily) of domestic wastewater using an advanced multi-technology process; MBR and low-fouling RO elements will make it more energy-efficient to further purify the treated wastewater and produce NEWater.

Evove Secures £5.7M in Funding

British company Evove Ltd. has completed a funding round of £5.7 million to accelerate growth and scale-up the next generation of filtration membranes. The round was led by Silicon Valley’s At One Ventures, with capital injected by existing investors and by Germany’s AM Ventures.


The funding will enable Evove to expand manufacturing capacity and scale up its 3D printed membrane process. The company will focus on key products and its customer base in lithium extraction, food & beverage, desalination, ultrapure water and water reuse.

Said Chris Wyres, CEO of Evove: “This funding will enable us to increase manufacturing capacity and expand our service and support network, enabling us to help end-users solve some of the world’s biggest water and energy challenges.”

TeraPore Technologies Raises $10M to Bring Precision Nanofiltration Solutions to New Markets

TeraPore Technologies, the developer of advanced nanofiltration membrane systems for biomanufacturing, announced it has raised $10M in new financing. The round was led by existing investor Anzu Partners with participation from Entegris, a global leader in advanced materials science, and fellow existing investor, RA Capital Management. TeraPore will leverage the funding to launch its IsoBlock™ virus filter and expand the use of its core technology into new high value markets.

TeraPore is developing a new generation of high-capacity, high-yield bioseparation solutions that enable controllable, consistent purification processes for the manufacturing of novel therapeutics and biologics. Unlike conventional filter technology, IsoBlock virus filters leverage TeraPore’s Intelligent Membrane™ platform, which features a tunable chemical structure and uniform nanoscale pore sizes that can tackle the most difficult separation challenges.

The IsoBlock virus filters are highly engineered from the ground up to provide superior filter productivity and robust viral clearance during process development, clinical trials, and production scale manufacturing. The company is developing a family of IsoBlock filters with various properties and device sizes.

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