LANXESS forms distribution partnership with Kolar Filtration, LLC for aquarium water treatment

LANXESS Sybron Chemicals, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of LANXESS Corporation and responsible for representing the Liquid Purification Technologies (LPT) business unit of global specialty chemicals company LANXESS, has entered into a distribution agreement with Kolar Filtration, LLC for sales of Bayoxide granular ferric oxide (iron oxide hydroxide) and Lewatit ion exchange resins into the U.S. aquatics market.

Bayoxide E33 and E33 HC are ferric oxide adsorbers developed specifically to remove phosphates from water. In aquariums, excessive phosphate levels cause increased algae growth in freshwater aquariums and serious harm to fish and corals in saltwater aquariums.  Bayoxide adsorbers quickly and effectively reduce phosphate concentration in the water. Lewatit ion exchange resins are used as polishers at the last stage of reverse osmosis systems. They remove total dissolved solids (TDS) from effluent water coming from the reverse osmosis system, making it ultrapure. The aquarist is then able to add back the minerals into solution to make aquarium water devoid of impurities.

The products are sold online under the Kolar Labs brand and are shipped individually packaged, private labeled, or in bulk.

“LANXESS Liquid Purification Technologies provides a portfolio of water treatment solutions serving key industries such as industrial wastewater, power generation, food and beverages, mining, and ultrapure water for electronics. This new distribution agreement with Kolar Filtration helps us to reach into the consumer aquarium market, allowing us to diversify our sales. We see this as a complimentary fit and are happy to have Kolar as our partner,” said Firuza Mir, president and CEO of LANXESS Sybron Chemicals, Inc.

“Kolar Filtration is excited about our agreement with LANXESS. This agreement allows Kolar to expand distribution channels such that the benefits of Bayoxide media and Lewatit ion exchange resin can be available to all aquarists with consistent instructions for use, performance claims, inventory availability and product quality,” said Richard Renjilian, Kolar Filtration president and founder.

Kolar Filtration, LLC is located in Wheeling, Illinois. The company provides a single source of high quality filtration media for the aquatics market to distributors, retailers and end-users under the Kolar Labs brand in bulk or packaged quantities.

The Liquid Purification Technologies (LPT) business unit of specialty chemicals company LANXESS is one of the most important suppliers for liquid separation products worldwide. With Lewatit ion exchange resins, Bayoxide iron oxide adsorbers and Lewabrane RO membrane elements, LANXESS holds a leading position in the development and production of three premium separation technologies for water purification, desalination and process stream treatment.

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