Hollingsworth & Vose talks IAQ & NanoWave technology at FILTECH 2019

Hollingsworth & Vose NanoWave technology
Hollingsworth & Vose NanoWave technology

Hollingsworth & Vose hosted a series of short presentations at FILTECH 2019 to discuss the issue of Indoor Air Quality and its latest IAQ solution, NanoWave. NanoWave is H&V’s  patented extended surface synthetic filter media that is designed to work against hazardous air pollution and provides clean air, while at the same time significantly lowering energy consumption in commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

According to H&V, NanoWave provides extraordinarily low pressure drop and superior dust-holding capacity compared to traditional synthetic media and glass mat. It does so by having an extended filtration surface and a multi-layered, gradient structure.

NanoWave also features a patented wave design. This allows air to permeate the filter with less resistance, resulting in much lower energy consumption of air handling units. The end-user benefits through significantly lower overall costs with the best possible protection against dangerous contaminants.


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