Heumann Environmental Co. launches software service for industrial cyclone separation equipment

Heumann Software Company Dashboard Interface

Heumann Environmental Company LLC (HEC) announced the launch of a secure cloud-based software service from Heumann Software Company (HSC) that allows customers to control design and build cyclone separation equipment used in industrial processes and pollution control applications. 

The High Efficiency Cyclone Calculator, HECyclone, incorporates data collected by Gerhard Miczek and employs the same calculations and methods that HEC uses to size and build cyclones to exacting performance specifications. The software allows operators to test as many cyclone geometries, operating conditions and design scenarios as needed to determine the most optimal high efficiency cyclone solution for each individual application. Through adjustments in process input values and cyclone dimensions operators can see the effects of those changes across their range of desired conditions.

HECyclone is suitable for reverse flow cyclones use in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, silicon refining, ethanol production, petroleum refining, forest products, plastics and pigments production, and power generation industries, among others, to separate particles from gas streams. The software is available in three packages with optional add-ons: the Gas Mix Calculator or Overall Performance Calculation. 


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