Custom filtration solutions for strainers, breathers, diffusers and other formed metal products

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With state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing techniques, and a veteran workforce, OFCO’s wide-ranging capabilities produce both standard and customized products for many industries in need of filtration solutions.

Since 1944, hydraulic filtration manufacturers, distributors and end-users have relied on Ohio Fabricators Company’s (OFCO) flexibility, product quality and outstanding customer service. Our Central-Ohio manufacturing facility and veteran workforce deliver solutions that consistently meet critical specifications and exceed customer expectations. Strainers, breathers, diffusers and other formed metal products are our specialty, but high quality and unparalleled delivery performance are our hallmarks.

From quote to delivery, OFCO’s careful attention to detail and in-plant production tracking ensures the highest quality and fastest delivery times in the industry. In fact, just recently OFCO acquired a new customer because they were able to customize a product, manufacture it and deliver it in just 30 days, from initial inquiry to shipment.

Marc Peterson, Vice President of MFP Automation Engineering, a leading Michigan-based automation, hydraulic, pneumatic, and fluid power manufacturer, needed suction strainers for a natural gas industry customer. His previous vendor for this strainer was quoting over two months for delivery. “That just wasn’t going to work for us, so I turned to Google on a Saturday morning in December and had OFCO’s quote wrapped up in one day,” said Peterson.

Ohio Fabricators Company was able to modify one of their standard products for MFP and produce a customized solution that met their product requirements while exceeding delivery expectations. “OFCO met our quality specifications and surprised us with their service,” said Peterson. “We’re now looking to them for several other projects.”

OFCO Components Custom Filtration Systems
A well-stocked inventory of products and components allows OFCO to quickly create and deliver custom filtration solutions.

With state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing techniques, and a veteran workforce, OFCO’s wide-ranging capabilities produce both standard and customized products for many industries in need of filtration solutions. With all production operations governed by a fully documented quality management system – third-party certified to meet ISO 9001:2015 requirements and audited semi-annually by BSI auditors – all aspects of manufacturing are thoroughly inspected, including both raw materials and purchased components. Along with inspection, documentation, process analysis, testing, prototyping and approval, safety remains a top priority for the company.

OFCO’s in-house capabilities

  • Fully equipped machine shop supporting our tool and die shop
  • Mechanical and hydraulic presses up to 100 tons
  • In-house die and fixture fabrication
  • Pleating, rolling, resistance welding stainless mesh, perforated sheets and screens
  • Robotic epoxy application
  • Automated printing and marking to customize your brand application

OFCO employs a plant-wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to coordinates the activities of numerous manufacturing cells and provides complete traceability for every product shipped. Specific information for proper job/equipment set-up, part or process inspection criteria and required product measurements ensures quality control and job tracking throughout the production process.

Born from conflict

Founded in 1944 in Coshocton, Ohio, between Columbus and Cleveland, OFCO began by manufacturing filters for airplane motors in support of the war effort. Though much has changed since then, the company’s commitment to quality and service remains steadfast.

Ohio Fabricators Pleating Solutions
OFCO offers pleating, rolling, resistance welding stainless mesh, perforated sheets and screens.

“Custom filtration products” is now OFCO’s sweet spot. Customers rely on them to meet their exacting specs and rapid delivery times. The entire operation is now focused on providing standard and custom-created products that exceed expectations and pass stringent quality requirements. Extensive knowledge in raw materials and innovative production techniques allow OFCO to provide solutions for many industries, from construction, farming and mining to oil and gas production, hydraulics, automotive/transportation and virtually any industry that needs to filter or strain hydraulic fluids.

“It’s our owners’ investment in technology and people that keep us ahead of the competition,” says Chief Executive Officer Mike Shaw. The company’s veteran workforce, housed in a 45,000 square-foot facility, are as committed today as they were during the company’s wartime beginnings. Shaw said that “we’ve grown the business by providing U.S.-manufactured products that meet the very highest quality standards and tight delivery timelines our customers demand.”

OFCO Tank-Mounted Strainer
OFCO offers custom tank-mounted strainers.

According to Sales Manager Mike Smith, “OFCO maintains our competitive pricing and delivery schedules by stocking raw materials and parts in house, while our competitors offshore both materials and manufacturing. That is why we were able to fulfill MFP’s requirements so quickly. It’s really a huge part of the OFCO success story.”

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