Water filtration solutions: municipal to industrial

January/February 2015 | Volume 34, No. 1

Rosedale Products, Inc. is a leading technology developer in the field of liquid filtration systems and waste minimization products for customers around the globe. Rosedale’s engineering achievements have produced an exceptional product line that includes high performance filtration solutions for multiple industries. Rosedale technicians help customers find high-performing, cost effective approaches to filtration needs.



MODEL 8302P OR NCO8135
Single Stage Stainless Steel Housings

The Model 8302P and NCO8135 high-capacity filters offer an exceptional value in Giardia Cryptosporidium Removal applications. The system is approved for use in Colorado and Oregon and has met all the EPA LT2 guidelines. Each housing provides large containment capacity combined with a rugged design rated to 150 psi. It incorporates an eyenut cover that is easily removed, reducing time spent on cartridge change-out.



  • NSF 61 listed
  • Low pressure drops
  • Permanently piped housings
  • Covers are O-ring sealed
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • All housings are electro polished to resist adhesion of dirt and scale
  • Adjustable-height legs, standard
  • ASME code stamp available

Basket Strainer and Bag Filtersfiltration-news-rosedale-3

Model 4 strainer/filter housings are made in two sizes and four pressure ratings. In all cases, covers are easily removed without special tools, and the basket or bag is easily cleaned or replaced.

Choose between straining (removing particles down to 74 micron size) or filtering a fluid (removing particles down to 1 micron). This will direct users to choose the correct basket when ordering.


  • Low pressure drops
  • Permanently piped housings
  • Covers are O-ring sealed
  • Carbon steel, or stainless steel (304 or 316) construction for housings
  • All housings are electro polished to resist adhesion of dirt and scale
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable-height legs, optional
  • O-ring seals: Buna N, EPR, Viton┬« and Teflon┬«
  • ASME code stamp available on select models
  • Liquid displacers for easier servicing
  • Four pressure ratings: 200 psi (with clamp cover) and 150, 300, or 500 psi (with eyenut cover)
  • Duplex units are available
  • Pipe sizes 3/4 thru 2-inch, NPT or flanged (standard 150 class flange)
  • Two basket depths: 6, or 12 inches (nominal)

Model 4 offers an optional T-bolt closure, which includes an integrated handle within the hinged coverlid.


  • Bag filter hold-down devices
  • Sanitary construction
  • Different outlet connections
  • Higher pressure ratings
  • Extra-length legs
  • Heat jacketing
  • Epoxy coating
  • Displacers
  • Magnets

filtration-news-rosedale-4MODEL OT
Bag Filter Housing guarantees a 360┬░ positive seal for flows to 100 gpm*

Model OT filter provides optimum filtration performance when combined with Rosedale’s high capacity filter bags. This unique design ensures a 360-degree positive seal and media compression, eliminating the potential for bypass. Unfiltered liquid and debris does not accumulate above the filter bag and contaminate the clean fluid area during change-out. Fluid passes through the bag from inside to outside. The Rosedale Model OT filter ensures an even flow into the filter bag where contaminate is contained for easy disposal.

The Model OT housing is a durable, high capacity filter with an uncompromising welded construction to meet ASME Section VIII Code requirements. The cover is hinged and fastened with swing bolts for quick access and easy bag change-out. They have a high quality electro polished finish to resist adhesion of dirt and scale, making routine maintenance fast and simple. Model OT filters are available in two sizes with flanged or threaded connections.

It can be customized with several options, including gauges and switches. A wide range of filter bags or cartridges (rated 0.5 absolute to 100 nominal) with various surface areas can be utilized in this housing.


  • Accepts all major competitive brands of bags
  • Permanently piped housings are opened without special tools
  • Carbon or stainless steel housings
  • Covers are O-ring sealed
  • All sealing surfaces are blancher ground
  • O-ring seals: Buna N, EPR, Viton┬« and Teflon┬«
  • 150 psi rated housing
  • ASME Code Stamp available
  • Uses standard #1, #2 or 500 series PL cartridges
  • 1/4-inch NPT gauge ports and vent connection
  • 1/2-inch NPT drain connection
  • Adjustable-height tripod leg assembly

Rosedale offers a wide range of high quality low cost utility grade bags, basic filter cartridges, and high performance filter cartridges.

Filtration News Rosedale 740 CartridgeFILTER CARTRIDGE FEATURE
PS-740-PPP-356 maximizes dirt- holding capacity and meets LT2 requirements.

PS-740-PPP-356 elements are manufactured in a unique “Y” pleat arrangement that optimizes physical size and maximizes effective surface area. The large surface area provides a low fluid flux rate maximizing dirt containment. The element fits into the Rosedale NCO8135 housing or can retrofit 8302P housings with an adaptor basket. The end caps are heat sealed for high efficiency performance. The O-ring seal insures sealing and eliminates bypass.

*Based on housing only. Fluid viscosity, filter bag used, and expected dirt loading should be considered when sizing a filter.

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