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Producing strong, leak-proof seams in a wide variety of filtration products

Sonobond Ultrasonics manufactures a wide variety of ultrasonic assembly equipment for the nonwovens/synthetic textiles industry that keeps pace with the ever-expanding list of applications requiring strong, secure, sealed seams.

Since our environmentally-friendly machinery requires no thread, adhesives, tapes or other consumables, production costs are greatly reduced. Manufacturers also enjoy increased production speeds as well as improved quality of their finished items since our machinery produces leak-proof bonds that meet regulatory specifications at speeds that are four times faster than traditional sewing machines and 10 times faster than adhesive machines.

Filters and filtration products are probably our largest application area. Since our ultrasonic technology can bond woven/nonwoven fabrics that are 100% synthetic or blends that contain up to 40% natural fibers, we can assemble a wide variety of filters, including:

  • HEPA and HVAC filters
  • Pleated and box style filters
  • Heavy-duty filter bags for food, chemical, pharma and household use
  • Air, liquid and fuel filters
  • Oil containment booms and spill clean-up cloths
  • Acoustic and insulation panels for automotive and aviation applications
  • We also attach felted filter bags to plastic collars

Ultrasonics is the preferred assembly method to achieve manufacturers’ stringent requirements for durable, leak-proof seams. The technology utilizes high-frequency sound waves that cause heating and plasticization of synthetic materials, producing the high-quality, regulatory-compliant bonds that eliminate leaking issues caused by stitch holes and glue gaps.

Sonobond Ultrasonics offers no-charge, no obligation textile bonding viability tests to produce sample assemblies using a manufacturer’s own nonwoven or synthetic materials. This allows them to evaluate the results and confirm the quality of our process before placing an order, while providing us with the information we need to recommend the machine that best meets their application specifications.

Key Equipment

Our ultrasonic filter assembly equipment includes:
SeamMaster® Ultrasonic Sewing Machines resemble and operate like a traditional rotary sewing machine so only minimal training is required. The rotary operation softens and fuses the synthetic or nonwoven material and quickly creates strong, sealed, smooth, and soft-to-the-touch seams. The SeamMaster High Profile model features greater clearance for bonding bulky fabrics or for hand-guided applications with tight tolerances and curves. It also has an optional fixture for bonding pleated filters.


Our award-winning RingMaster™ Ultrasonic Filter Bag Machine joins plastic collars to heavy-duty felted filter bags, creating a high-quality, dependable 360o bond in less than 10 seconds. Up to 250 bags per hour can be produced. The Ultrasonic Filter Collar Bonder™ is a bench-mounted, single-unit version of the RingMaster, designed to assemble 50 to 80 filter bags per hour.

Sonobond’s Ultrasonic PlungeBonder™ is a powerful, dependable, multi-use machine that is ideal for sealing large, multi-layer, and difficult-to-bond ends of filter bags. This equipment – as well as its welding horns and nests or fixtures – can be customized for specific applications.

In addition to filtration products, Sonobond’s ultrasonic machines assemble PPE and medical fabric items, including: face masks; surgical and hospital gowns; disposable shoe, pillow and mattress covers; sterilization and storage pouches for medical instruments; lint-free wound dressings; hazmat gear; body armor, and ballistic components.

Email Sara Karmilowicz at to discuss which ultrasonic assembly machine will best meet your specifications.

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