Monadnock touts medical facemask material for use against coronavirus

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus internationally, facemasks are being used at a much higher rate. The CDC recommends infected persons “wear a facemask when in the same room as other people” or “if this is not possible that others in the same room should” wear facemasks.

The typical facemask is made with meltblown polypropylene media, a material that Monadnock Non-Wovens LLC specializes in.  It has a portfolio of air filtration media with various weights of polypropylene nonwoven from 10-34 gsm with low air resistance.  Monadnock’s medical facemask media has been developed over 20 years and meets the F 1862 standard for low, moderate and high resistance to synthetic blood penetration and particle retention — typically 95%, 99%, or better than 99% efficiency.  The company uses NIOSH Respirator Test Protocols to qualify the media including critical solid particle challenges.  Products made with Monadnock’s facemask media meet the most rigorous Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) requirements.

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