Ile-de-France region and SUEZ Group launch “IP’AIR” in Paris

Ile-de-France region has introduced a support mechanism, IP’AIR, for projects aimed to improved air quality in public transport underground areas as part of the “Changeons d’air,” or “Let’s change our air” policy, adopted in 2016. The policy aims to support projects that offer ways to improve air quality for the long term. The goal is to provide innovative purifying solutions that capture airborne particles using devices placed on station platforms.

“IP’AIR” by SUEZ treats fine particles emitted by brake systems in underground stations using a positive ionization process based on an electrostatic filtration process.  A small electric charge is injected into the fine particles which are then attracted, like a magnet, to collection plates.  The technical solution is able to treat a large quantity of air, 7,500 m3/h, using the same amount of electricity as a toaster. A six-month test assessed the solution’s filtration capacity and range.

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