Hollingsworth & Vose brings advanced
filtration expertise and solutions to WFC

With roots dating back more than 200 years, Hollingsworth & Vose today is a global leader in filtration and energy storage solutions working to create a cleaner world. Family-owned and headquartered in East Walpole, Mass., we are deeply invested in innovation, technology and R&D. We create solutions that keep cleanrooms clean, make indoor air healthier, protect drinking water, enable start-stop engines and much more. Our advanced materials are used in nearly every industry and touch every aspect of modern life. Our customers represent a wide range of sectors, from agriculture, apparel and automotive to biotech, life sciences, construction, energy, health care, marine, power generation and just about everything else in between. Wherever you work, live or travel, an H&V solution is likely close by, contributing to a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable world.

Filtration and innovation for a cleaner world

In the world of filtration, H&V’s innovative materials and solutions – including synthetic filter media, microfiltration membranes, microfiber glass, nanofibers and more – meet and exceed the exacting demands of customers. H&V helps clean and filter everything from air and water to fuel and industrial liquids across a wide range of industries and applications, including appliances, cleanrooms, process liquids, health care, heavy industry and mechanical power.

H&V’s team of skilled experts understands the complex applications and process needs of the industries it serves. They will be on hand at the World Filtration Congress to match attendees with the H&V solution that is right for them. Among the H&V brands being highlighted at WFC this year:

  • HV Technostat® – Technostat® is the leading electret filter media traditionally used in critical applications such as medical ventilators, spirometry, CPAP and respirators. Technostat® also offers higher efficiency for capturing small particles, low pressure drop, a long shelf life and exceptional performance in highly regulated applications.
  • HV TRUPOR® – Trupor® leverages two centuries of H&V innovation in fibrous porous materials. It is H&V’s first product for buyers of microfiltration membranes, targeting food, beverage and bioprocessing applications. Trupor brings membrane reliability and maximum performance with the thinnest possible efficiency layer, which is made possible by superior pore size uniformity. Its composite design delivers long life and stable performance.
  • HV NanoWave® – NanoWave® is a patented extended surface area synthetic filter media that works against hazardous air pollution by providing clean air while significantly lowering energy consumption in commercial, residential and industrial buildings. It provides extraordinarily low pressure drop and superior dust-holding capacity, and it improves air quality by enabling higher levels of filtration without reducing HVAC system airflow. The result: better filtration with lower energy usage.
  • Innovation has allowed H&V to evolve and thrive for more than 200 years. Today, more than 100 scientists conduct cutting-edge research at H&V. This expertise, and the ability to innovate in every aspect of the company, has made H&V a global leader.
  • H&V’s advanced materials contribute to a greener and more sustainable planet. We are determined to go beyond that by supporting global efforts for healthier air and water.
  • H&V serves the global market with 13 R&D and manufacturing facilities strategically located in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Visit us at WFC 2022 Booth # 301

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