From Turbidity to Transparency – Mastering Hard Seltzer Filtration Techniques

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Backflushable Stacked Disc Cartridges: Results From Wine Filtration Field Tests

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Stacked Disc Cartridges: An Alternative for Winemakers

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Citrus fruit in a glass of fizzy soda water. iStockphoto

Hard seltzer is a rising sensation within the realm of alcoholic beverages. This drink made its mainstream market debut only a few years ago and is experiencing an escalating trend …


Improve Service Life and Filtration Performance with Two-Step Filtration Concepts Part II For more and more wine producers, stacked disc cartridges are becoming a real alternative to traditional sheet filtration …

Stacked disc cartridges for wine filtration

Robust, powerful stacked disc cartridges with flexible reuse enable profitable filtration and long-lasting usage through backflushing Part I of II New possibilities are emerging in wine filtration. In addition to …