What is a desalination filter and how does it work?

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Sustainability testing methods and practices

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How did PTFE membrane for filtration come to be?

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The reverse osmosis equipment in a desalination plant. Photo courtesy of Stockphoto/tifonimages

The leading modern method of removing salt from sea/briny water is a process called reverse osmosis (RO). This is the primary filtration technology utilized for removing salt from water and …

Sustainable test methods and practices will continue to develop and evolve. The real gains will come in the form of market transformation which comes from processes that are tested, measured and refined. These programs can create a lasting influence in the market, changing the way filters are made, sold, installed and recovered.

Test methods are inherently very different based on whether the specimen involved is a filter media, an entire filter or is an entire process, including equipment. There are many approaches …

An ePTFE membrane consists of nodes connected by fibrils. Bill Gore from W.L. Gore was the inventor of ePTFE material. Photo courtesy of W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and ePTFE Expanded PTFE originated in the lab at Dupont by chance. That being said, both PTFE and ePTFE were the result of ingenuity, diligence, and technical abilities. …

MERV-rating and capacities

The MERV rating system extends from 1 to 16, with the highest (16) being the rating used for filters in places such as hospitals where it is critical to efficiently …


Nonwovens are commonly used as filtration media. Nonwoven filter media is an engineered fabric comprised of a random arrangement of filaments or fibers. The media has the specific function of …