The MERV-13 filtration challenge

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Hydraulic filtration challenges and opportunities

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Coatings & treatments for filtration

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MERV-rating and capacities

The MERV rating system extends from 1 to 16, with the highest (16) being the rating used for filters in places such as hospitals where it is critical to efficiently capture very small particles. A filter receives a specific MERV rating based on a 1999 specification brought forth by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, …


Nonwovens are commonly used as filtration media. Nonwoven filter media is an engineered fabric comprised of a random arrangement of filaments or fibers. The media has the specific function of filtering or separating components of a fluid (air/gas or liquid) or to act in combination as a prefilter or support for other materials in the …

In a hydraulic system, there may be a number of components involved

Hydraulic filters, sometimes referred to as strainers, are part of the hydraulic system and function simply to remove foreign contaminants from the system. There are four basic types of hydraulic filter media: traditional cellulose, synthetic, wire mesh and hygroscopic (water absorbing) medias. Standard filter elements have several pleated support and filtration layers. An ideal hydraulic …

Freudenberg’s Microair cabin air filtration technology

Filtration is essential to health and many systems. To provide some historical perspective, it has been in place for thousands of years with many different media. Coatings and treatments have been around as an enhancement to filter media for much of that time. As the technologies have become more sophisticated, so too have filter coatings …

Bag filter system for dust collection

My first exposure to the baghouse industry and its associated products like filter bags, cartridges and housings was in 2004 with a relatively new upstart company called BHA Technologies, which specialized in the manufacture of ePTFE membranes. BHA Technologies was part of a larger company called BHA Group, which designed, manufactured and supplied replacement parts …