Unified Brands unveils mobile air filtration units for foodservice operations

Unified Brands, part of Dover, announced a partnership with Purafil to provide a new air filtration solution to the foodservice industry. The new PURA 400, PURA 800 and PURA 1200 units use a multi-stage filtration process that was shown to remove 99.99% of aerosols carrying viruses from the air entering the unit during third-party laboratory testing. The units feature 360-degree air circulation and purification with an average of 60 dB for the PURA 400 and 800 and 63 dB for the PURA 1200. It includes a pre-filter, chemical filtration to remove inanimate contaminants, antimicrobial technology to protect the filter, and a HEPA final filter. The filters are replaced approximately every 6 months. 

The PURA 400 is 12.5 square inches and 25 inches tall. It can be used for areas as large as 400 square feet. The PURA 800, with its LCD display, is 16.5 by 26.4 inches and 44 inches tall, and can be used for dining areas up to 800 square feet. The PURA 1200 also has the smart control features of the PURA 800 and covers 1200 square feet in a 27 by 26.5 inches and 44 inches tall footprint.



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