POREX plastic filter housings extend life of ergonomic vacuum lifting systems

POREX Plastic Filter Housings
Porous polymer filter housings.

Porex has engineered plastic filter housings that offer enhanced longevity for ergonomic vacuum lifting systems through active filtration of debris within system vacuum pumps. Debuting in the U.S., the Porex technology helps to prevent box -handling equipment from malfunctioning or wearing out prematurely, making workplace safety more cost-effective for warehouse and plant managers to achieve and maintain.

Designed to relieve pressure off workers lifting heavy boxes and prevent injury, ergonomic vacuum lifting systems typically utilize a suction cup and pump mechanism that effortlessly hoists boxes. The technology provides employees with a safer, more efficient and risk-free work environment, but its vacuum pump component often faces issues of clogging, with dirt and dust becoming trapped and causing the part or machine to experience failure.

By effectively filtering out harmful particles, POREX Plastic Filter Housings can reduce the need for equipment repair and replacement, enhancing the durability of the vacuum pump, increasing work productivity and prolonging the life of the entire lifting system. Ultimately, this added protection saves on costs required to keep warehouses compliant with safety standards.

The U.S. introduction of POREX plastic filter housings follows the company’s global expansion. Recognizing customer needs, Porex designed new versions of its long-standing product line to utilize American National Standard Pipe Thread (NPT), the U.S. technical standard for screw threads on pipes and pipe fittings. The filter housings are easy to use, available in different porosities and can withstand high corrosion and chemical resistance.

“Avoiding workplace injury and fostering a safe work environment are paramount concerns for warehouse and plant managers across industries,” said Rusty Martin, global strategic marketing director at Porex. “Our plastic filtration housings help to ensure that vacuum lifting equipment operates with superior performance and outlasts standard lifespans, offering critical safety through a cost-effective solution.”

Beyond pneumatic vacuum systems, the POREX plastic filter housings are an economical filtration alternative for the chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries.


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