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The SeamMaster® Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, when greater supplies of personal protective equipment are critically needed by hospital staff, first responders, and other healthcare providers, Sonobond Ultrasonics’ textile assembly machines help manufacturers increase production speeds while producing the barrier seams that satisfy regulatory requirements. Advantages of ultrasonic technology Ultrasonics is the preferred assembly method for PPE, …

ELSNER range of solutions

From surgical drapes and gowns to canister wipes and spiral-wound filters, ELSNER has helped dozens of customers maintain throughput and boost productivity by implementing automation into their production lines. With manufacturers needing more resilience to disruption for the future as they continue to face ongoing challenges with the COVID-19 crisis, there’s never been a time …

Custom assembly machinery

For over 65 years, Chase Machine and Engineering has designed and built custom web handling systems and process equipment for many of the largest and most progressive filter media and filter manufacturers in the world. Our talented team of mechanical, automation and electrical engineers, along with our experienced and diverse manufacturing technicians, provide our customers …

Connected Industrial IoT Air Purifiers

The Industrial IoT (IIoT) brings a host of benefits to the manufacturers of industrial purifiers. Given their widespread use in a variety of contexts (from production plants to food manufacturing processes to municipal water treatment and warehousing), industrial air and water purifiers will inevitably need to be connected and monitored remotely. Indeed, by connecting their …

TSG process to production model.

Founded in 1901, TSG Finishing is now in its fifth generation of family leadership. The company has spent more than one hundred years creating customized finishing solutions for a variety of textile products. Results of over a century’s worth of experience refining and applying high-performance technologies to meet our customer’s needs. TSG specializes in taking a …