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This railway is using powerful filter media to deliver optimum results while consuming significantly less water Cleaning various parts, such as spring retainers, traverses and axle guides, is critically important …

Sintering process for developing porous polymers

Filtration impacts every aspect of our lives. Most people are familiar with the air dust filters in the HVAC unit or the cartridge filters in the refrigerator for drinking water; …

Custom assembly machinery

For over 68 years, Chase Machine and Engineering has designed and built custom web handling systems and process equipment for many of the largest and most progressive filter media and …

The chemists at Epic Resins work directly with your engineering and manufacturing departments, providing you with effective solutions to fit your specific needs.

There are many challenges facing the filtration industry today. Epic Resins’ epoxy and polyurethane solutions have solved complex filter manufacturing problems for decades. Their experts partner with you, leveraging their …

HIFYBER’s nanofiber filtration media

HIFYBER is a group company of Abalioglu Holding, which has been operating on four continents and diversified its business interests in the areas. HIFYBER, established in 2014, is a manufacturer …