Core applications and drivers in the North American air filtration market

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The North American market for nonwoven filter media is vast

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The outlook for nonwoven filter media

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Air filtration nonwoven material consumption, 2019

This is the second part of a three-part series in International Filtration News, providing a high-level view of the overall filtration market, drivers and size. You can find Part I of this series in Issue 4 of IFN or online at Here we take a deeper look at the air filtration market, with Part …

Nonwoven material consumption in filtration

This is part I in a two-part series highlighting key market trends in the North American nonwoven filter media market based on INDA’s recently published North American Nonwovens Industry Outlook. Part II in this series will drill down on key trends in air and liquid filtration specifically, and can be found here. Filtration has become …


The filtration end use is the fifth largest (in tonnage) of the nonwoven segments, consuming 9% of the world’s nonwovens production in 2018, and one of three end uses that will increase their relative share through the forecast period, with filtration rising to 10% of nonwovens production by 2023 (Figure 1). The filtration market is …