Mann-Filter leverages recycled synthetic fibers

MANN-FILTER air filter C 24 005

Mann+Hummel announced its Mann-Filter air filter C 24 005 is now utilizing recycled synthetic fibers.

“One square meter of filter medium now contains plastic from up to six 1.5-liter PET bottles. This meant we could triple the proportion of recycled fibers and make an important contribution to the conservation of resources,” said Jens Weine, product range manager for Air and Cabin Air Filters at Mann-Filter.

More air filters will now follow in the footsteps of the C 24 005. The green color of their recycled fibers makes these air filters look different to the others. They meet the replacement intervals prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer even under dusty conditions, and are characterized by their flame-retardant properties. Also the new Mann-Filter air filters are supplied in OEM quality.

Thanks to the multilayer Micrograde A-S medium, the separation efficiency of the C 24 005 air filter is up to 99.5 percent, when tested with ISO-certified test dust. With its high dirt holding capacity throughout the entire service interval, the air filter requires only 30 percent of the filter medium area of traditional air filters based on cellulose media. The fibers of the renewed medium are certified according to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.

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