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International Filtration News provides ongoing coverage of filtration technology for industrial water & wastewater applications. Visit regularly to stay on top of the latest insights, issues and innovations in filtration for industrial water & wastewater.

How ozone can boost biologically active filtration

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Water’s ‘Big Six’ – Who are the major users of water & wastewater filtration in 2021?

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Student Spotlight: Electrochemical oxidation for the treatment of algae and cyanotoxins

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EO Johnson Business Technologies, a leading business technologies company, and Sterling Water Culligan, provider of quality water treatment, announce the sale of EO Johnson’s Pure Water┬« Technology Division to Sterling Water. Finalized August 1, 2015, the sale fits both companies’ strategic plans for growth. The deal allows Sterling Water to provide more extensive point-of-use water …


Straining and sludge/process dewatering in industry is normally accomplished by a variety of intake water strainers, by sand filters and by filter presses and automatic pressure filters, as well as centrifuges, belt presses and screw presses. General wastewater removal techniques for industrial streams along with specific nuclear plant wastewater treatments and sintered metal filters are also discussed