IFN Peer-Review Program Guidelines

International Filtration News offers researchers, scholars and technologists who are focused on filtration technology and applications the opportunity to submit papers for peer reviewed publication. IFN’s peer-review process is based on the double-blind model in accordance with COPE’s Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.1

To be considered for peer review, your paper should be focused on unique research and/or compelling work that represents a quality improvement for filtration technology or applications.

Steps in the peer-review process include:

  1. Submission of manuscript to IFN.
  2. IFN will review manuscript to ensure the focus is appropriate, required materials and imagery are provided in the proper format, and the manuscript is in accordance with IFN style guidelines.
  3. Once accepted for peer review, the manuscript will be assigned to two reviewers who have knowledge and expertise in the topic under consideration. The reviewers will first review the paper to determine if the material is worthy of peer-review publication. If the paper is selected to move forward in the peer-review process, each reviewer will develop a point-by-point review of the manuscript, submitting notes and any requested revisions to IFN.
  4. IFN will then send the reviewers’ notes and requested revisions anonymously to the author for final revision (if necessary).
  5. Depending on the level of revision required, the reviewers may review the revisions and full manuscript again.
  6. Once the paper has been approved for publication, it will be submitted for production and scheduled for publication.

Material requirements:

  • Please submit all manuscripts in U.S. English. The final copy of your paper should include an abstract outlining topics covered and a bibliography.
  • Each author warrants his or her submission is original and that the research results have not been published nor will be submitted for publication elsewhere while under consideration by the International Filtration News Peer-Review Committee.
  • Manuscripts must be proofread to adhere to U.S. grammar and syntax standards. If baseline standards are not met, manuscripts will be returned to authors.
  • By participating in the IFN Peer-Review Program, author(s) understand and agree that copyright of their paper will be transferred to International Filtration News.
  • Papers should be submitted in electronic format as Microsoft Word documents.
  • All supporting visuals should be sent as separate electronic files in high-resolution (300 dpi min) JPG, TIF, EPS, PNG or GIF format.
  • Excel, PowerPoint files may also be accepted, assuming the material in these documents can be recreated and/or are print quality.
  • Author names and personal identifiers should be provided on a separate page to keep the review double blinded; neither the reviewer(s) nor author(s) will be visible to the other. Author(s) names, affiliation, and full contact information must be submitted with the paper. Authors’ names should be submitted in the order desired for publication. A 3-5 sentence bio with direct phone and email contact information for each author should be included.
  • Equations, figures, graphs, and tables should be labeled in consecutive numerical order of appearance, i.e, “Equation 1.,” “Figure 1.,” “Table 1.,” “Equation 2.,” “Figure 2.,” “Table 2.,” etc. A supporting caption should be include with each figure, table, chart (as appropriate).
  • Acknowledgments should read similar to, “This research was funded in part through a grant by XYZ and the Department of ABC. The authors wish to thank Dr. AAA and Dr. ZZZ of X University for their help and efforts completing this research.” References to other articles and/or books, patents, etc. should be listed in your bibliography at the end of the document. Complete bibliographic information must be listed for all cited references. Number the references sequentially by order of appearance, not alphabetically. Use box numbers with square brackets [ ] within text. For multiple authors, up to three, list each author’s name. If more than three authors, list the name of the first author followed by “et al.”

Sample reference list: 

[1] Author’s Last name, First initial, Middle initial, “Title”, Journal or book (italics), Vol, No #., date, pp.

Once your paper has been prepared in accordance with the above requirements, please email it to Matt Migliore at mmigliore@inda.media or call +1 919 459-3754 with any questions.


  1. “Cope Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers,” https://publicationethics.org/files/Ethical_Guidelines_For_Peer_Reviewers_2.pdf