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Instant isolation with the Rediroom brings big benefits in patient care

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Metals shine bright at FILTECH 2022

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The MERV-13 filtration challenge

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Grupo Antolin’s latest virtual concept car unveiled last year.

A succession of developments in Spain since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in the involvement of leading Tier 1 automotive interiors supplier Grupo Antolin in the launch of the new Air Move+ air purification solution for the vehicle aftermarket. At the start of the pandemic, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and …

Plasma Fractionation

The market for air, water and energy products for blood plasma fractionation and drugs derived from the plasma is approaching $5 billion per year. The market for filtration and separation devices and media is several hundred million dollars. The consumable media segment is substantial, and in part determined by technology advances. Plasma is a large-volume application …

Thomas Grimm-Bosbach

Founded more than 100 years ago, John Crane is a global leader in rotating equipment solutions, supplying engineered technologies and services to the process industries. The company designs and manufactures a variety of products, including filtration systems, mechanical seals and systems, couplings, and predictive digital monitoring technologies. All accomplished through a global network of more …

In a hydraulic system, there may be a number of components involved

Hydraulic filters, sometimes referred to as strainers, are part of the hydraulic system and function simply to remove foreign contaminants from the system. There are four basic types of hydraulic filter media: traditional cellulose, synthetic, wire mesh and hygroscopic (water absorbing) medias. Standard filter elements have several pleated support and filtration layers. An ideal hydraulic …

Figure 1. Edge seal technology protects media pleats from damage.

It is widely accepted that gas turbines (GT) require an inlet filtration system to protect them from contaminants contained within the vast quantities of air they consume. Having the correct system in place will protect GT performance, help maintain power output levels, increase reliability and availability, reduce maintenance overheads, and help prevent unscheduled shutdowns. Inlet …