Self-cleaning filters prove their worth in challenging application environments

Spencer's GS-144-F (food-grade) is used to filter cooked meat fines from hot oil.
This GS-144-F (food-grade) is used to filter cooked meat fines from hot oil.

Spencer Strainer Systems manufactures a permanent, sealed, self-cleaning filter/strainer for removing particles from liquid flows. This durable, Type 316 stainless steel unit eliminates product waste, emissions, labor costs, and interruptions common to other types of filters. Industrial, sanitary, and 3A grades are available.

The Spencer Strainer was developed by Glenn E, Spencer in the late 1980s. It was the first self-cleaning filter to receive a U.S. Patent. Colgate Toothpaste was the first client, and success in this difficult application led to the many various uses of the equipment today.

Spencer Strainer equipment is available for test lease. This allows our clients to use self-cleaning filtration in their specific application at low risk. And lease costs apply to purchase.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Here, we are able to custom-tailor our strainers to the client’s applications. Systems are constructed to withstand high pressures, high viscosities, and caustic or acidic product flows. Motors are available for any voltage, as well as explosion proof electric or air.

Spencer's GS-288-C used for orange juice, polymers, oil and gas
The GS-288-C is the Spencer Strainer 8” model. Flow capability is 3000 GPM, and can be constructed for use at 500F. A few current applications are: Orange Juice, Polymers, Oil and Gas.

Key capabilities

“Outside-In” Filtration: Spencer Strainers achieve success in difficult applications due to the design, which introduces product to be filtered on the outside of a rotating screen. Stationary wipers clean the screen continuously, enabling constant operation. This design is particularly effective in high-viscosity applications. It also allows internal reinforcement of screens to prevent deformation.

Materials of Construction: All Spencer Strainers are constructed of type 316L stainless-steel. Other materials, such as wipers and bushings, are tailored to the application, and include Teflon, Delrin, Peek, Bronze, and Titanium. Durability is achieved through selection of the materials.

Spencer's filter caustic backwash
The GS-144-C is a 4” unit is built to ASME Code at 400 PSI and is
used for an ammonium sulfate caustic backwash.

Prompt Lead Times: Spencer Strainer Systems clients enjoy industry-leading production windows, for the equipment itself, and replacement parts. Because of an extensive parts inventory, many parts can be shipped the same day, if ordered by noon Eastern Time.

Proven Applications: Spencer Strainers are used in many industrial and food-grade applications. 3 of the most numerous are: peanut butter, toothpaste, and paint. Tomato sauces, polymers, caustic backwashes, orange juice, and paper mill flows are some others. A detailed list can be found at

3A Certification: Spencer Strainer is the only self-cleaning filter-strainer to hold certification from 3A, for the dairy industry.

ASME Code Construction: ASME Construction is available as an option on 4 inch and 8 inch Spencer Strainers.

Solar: Spencer Strainer Systems continues to offer innovations to users of self-cleaning filtration. Our latest offering, is the use of solar power to run the Spencer Strainer System. A demo video is available at, showing the GS-72-F strainer unit, running on solar-generated battery power. The batteries, inverter, solar panels, and controller are also visible.

Additional highlights:

  • Spencer Strainer self-cleaning equipment eliminates waste, material costs, and labor associated with static filters.
  • The equipment is customizable to clients’ applications.
  • Prompt production lead times enable fast implementation of the cost-saving systems.
  • Extensive parts inventory allows emergency shipping, reducing downtime.
  • Made in the USA.

This content is sponsored by Spencer Strainer Systems.

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