Q+A: Beverlin’s “we can if” approach

Beverlin's corporate culture is based on a strong customer-first focus.
Beverlin's corporate culture is based on a strong customer-first focus.
Paul Cole, president, Beverlin Manufacturing
Paul Cole, President, Beverlin Manufacturing

Beverlin Specialty Tube provides perforated filter cores and assemblies for filter companies worldwide. The company is privately owned and has been focused on being the industry leader for 43 years. International Filtration News recently spoke with Paul Cole, president of Beverlin, and he shared how the company’s strong, continued growth and position in the marketplace comes from its deep focus on culture and being customer fanatics.

In speaking with Cole, it was apparent that culture, leadership and dedication to truly serving the customer are paramount to the company’s organization and its success.

IFN: Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Paul Cole: I have been at Beverlin for almost seven years. My degree and background were in engineering, which lead into the manufacturing sector where I quickly moved into leadership roles and realized this is where my passion and talents are best utilized. I was part of successful fortune 100 automotive tier 1 companies and also part of a joint-venture and startup organizations in both automotive and non-automotive, and those experiences were invaluable to my development and my current role here at Beverlin.

IFN: What have you found to be the most important factors in running a successful business?

Paul Cole: Without question it would be culture, leadership and vision. In order to build, sustain and grow a company that is worthy of devotion you need to provide leadership worth following. To accomplish that you need to have a set of company values that you live by. At Beverlin, all of our employees are united in embracing our core set of values (our bricks) that we hold sacred.

We are intentional about not falling into “flavor of the month.” So many times, you see new banners going up at companies who don’t really know what their Mission, Vision or Values are – they don’t have an identity. Our identity is deeply rooted in these values and they are instrumental in how we operate.

IFN: What are the key industries you provide products for?

Paul Cole: We operate in a niche vs. commodity business segment providing welded perforated cores and assemblies for filter manufacturers for various filtration industries such as industrial, aerospace, oil & gas, automotive, medical and defense. Our diversification and global supply is both a strength and a blessing.

IFN: What do your customers value most about Beverlin?

Paul Cole: Now that’s a great question and has multiple components. You need to have strong capability and you need to provide great service.

As a niche provider of such products, a key strength is our capabilities. We are vertically integrated and uniquely equipped with the necessary capital and processes to excel in this niche segment. This provides us with the ability to provide products of virtually any diameter, length, material type, perforation pattern, thickness and in either straight weld seam or spiral weld seam. Additionally, our equipment and processes allow us to help our customers with the most demanding specifications and we can provide their full portfolio or parts, volumes small and large.

Being that we are here to serve our customers, we are also willing to perform any secondary process or welded assembly work needed as well. Additionally, providing the best in surface treatments and finishes such as tin plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, passivation, electropolish, heat treatment, anodize, etc., which allows our customers to focus on assembly knowing they can take our parts right out of the box and assemble filters.

Next we offer Kanban stocking agreements with our customers to maintain the highest in On Time Delivery to them and for them to their customers. Additionally, with stocking agreements it allows us to provide better value based on volume and better handle fluctuations in material economics.

These items paired with our values – being a customer fanatic – and our great team allows us to provide unparalleled customer service in our segment.

IFN: What would you say provides your strength and differentiation?

Paul Cole: Culture is key here – we live by our values and our customers know that. They know what they can expect with us, which includes our integrity and character. Without it, you have nothing.

Our people. We are blessed with an incredible and devoted team. They are committed to Beverlin, our culture and our customers.

Another key is making sure the production team is backed up by an appropriate support staff to achieve a high level of customer success. This is a critical investment. With many niche manufacturers, there isn’t much support behind the curtain which leads to customer pain, confusion and disappointment. If customers are going to entrust us with such a critical component and a demanding portfolio, they should expect it to be backed up by a strong foundation and experienced team rather than a skeleton staff built on a house of cards.

Then again, our customer service; but I am referring to unparalleled customer service, because we strive to be customer fanatics. That means being an excellent communicator, responding quickly, doing the right thing when it isn’t always easy, as well as collaborating with our customers.

Everyone expects good parts on time – we try to take the customer experience to a whole new level. That doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes; we do, but it’s how we respond when we do make mistakes. For that, our customers appreciate us, trust us and reward us with more business.

For us to succeed, it is most important that our customers grow and be successful first. We help them by embracing a “we can if” approach instead of a “We can’t because” mindset.

IFN: As you move forward, where do you see the industry going and knowing that, how can you provide the greatest value?

Paul Cole: As for where the industry is heading, while I can speculate, I will leave that to my customers to answer. We exist for our customers and to meet their needs. As the industry changes, our customers’ needs will change, and we will adapt and be there to serve our customers.

As for how we and other suppliers can provide the greatest value – I feel that is in true collaboration. Working together with our customers so together we can provide the best total value. Yes, this also includes price and to have those discussions and to do anything worthwhile there needs to first be trust, otherwise the best ideas get suppressed.

As a committed partner to our customers we work hard to identify opportunities to lower costs and or minimize cost impacts through VAVE (value analysis & value engineering) and other means.

For us to succeed, it is most important that our customers grow and be successful first. We help them by embracing a “we could if” approach instead of a “We can’t because” mindset. This creates the most productive environment to achieve a “win-win” for both our customer and Beverlin by working collaboratively with our customer’s engineers and buyers to achieve the best overall solution. In making a concerted effort to understand how our filtration customers are using this product, we have been able help them save them some significant dollars without eroding our margin –  because that’s important too.

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