Nanofiber filter media – solutions for the full spectrum of filtration applications

Microfiltration membranes made of 100% nanofiber
Microfiltration membranes made of 100% nanofiber, which provide more than 100% improved flux over a cast membrane.

NXTNANO is driven by a commitment to deliver exceptional, industry-leading nanofiber products on an unprecedented production scale. Our industry leadership is sustained through a novel, in-house developed HYPR Spinning process. NXTNANO mass produces nanofibers from a wide variety of polymers such as PU, PVDF, PAN, PES, and PI.  This versatility combined with a unique ability to simultaneously spin multiple polymers provides unprecedented flexibility.

Today NXTNANO products encompass a range of nanofiber media, from very light surface coatings all the way up to full membranes for the apparel and microfiltration industries. In a nutshell, NXTNANO brings commercial viability to nanofiber products across the entire filtration spectrum.

Our capabilities

NXTNANO’s HYPR spinning lines are roll-to-roll production with an annual capacity for high-efficiency nanofiber air filtration media in excess of 60 million sq. meters. The HYPR spinning process is also very flexible in the types of media that can be processed: Cellulose Blends, Spunbonds, Felts, Wet Laid, Synthetics, Ceramics (to name a few).

Besides enhancing existing media with nanofiber, NXTNANO is uniquely positioned to produce fully stand-alone 100% nanofiber membranes.  The membranes are available in basis weights from 2-15 GSM, and deliver consistent, controllable pore sizes.

Pulse air filtration media
Pulse air filtration media, which delivers up to 70% longer pulse intervals and half the operating DP of the competition.

Nanofiber material for N95 facemasks
Nanofiber material for N95 facemasks, offering an unrivaled balance of efficiency vs pressure drop from E-10 to H-13.

Common applications for NXTNANO’s air filter media include:

  • Gas turbine inlet filters;
  • Industrial cartridge filters;
  • HVAC pocket & pleated filters;
  • Automotive air Intake; and
  • Face Masks

The nanofiber membranes operate in three distinct categories:

  • Micro-venting;
  • Micro-filtration; and
  • Apparel

In Micro-filtration the nFLUX nanofiber membranes deliver more than a 100% increase in flux for a given pore size compared to a traditional cast membrane of the same pore size. nVENT nanofiber micro-venting media offer a tight pore size distribution while being readily compoundable as hydrophobic/oleophobic, hydrophilic, or even antimicrobial. To further support our nanofiber customers NXTNANO also has in-house slitting of materials across two slitters, or contract pleating of media via two rotary pleaters, and a blade pleater with full mini-pleat capability.

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