Hollingsworth & Vose Brings Advanced Filtration Expertise and Solutions to FILTECH 2023

Hollingsworth & Vose filters
Hollingsworth & Vose filters

Hollingsworth & Vose is a global leader in filtration and energy storage solutions.

Trupor cartridge in lab
Trupor cartridge in lab

The company’s advanced materials are used in nearly every industry and touch every aspect of modern life. Wherever you work, live or travel, chances are an H&V solution is close by, contributing to a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable world. In the world of filtration, H&V’s innovative materials and solutions – including synthetic filter media, microfiltration membranes, microfiber glass, nanofibers and more – meet and exceed the exacting demands of customers. H&V helps clean and filter everything from air and water to fuel and industrial liquids across a wide range of industries and applications, including appliances, cleanrooms, process liquids, health care, heavy industry and mechanical power.

At FILTECH 2023, H&V will be spotlighting all its filtration solutions and be represented by an experienced team, including: Jochem Hoffstetter, vice president EMEAI; Kristen Fischer-Ptak, business development manager, microfiltration; Olivier Huss, global product director; Ben Hall, global marketing director; and Dave Healey, vice president, technology.

H&V’s innovative filtration technology meets customer expectations across a range of sectors and industries. For each sector, the company has a unique filtration solution, as illustrated in the following examples:

  • Cabin Air – Health, comfort and safety are all key for operators of and passengers in all kinds of vehicles. From cars and heavy-duty trucks to off-road vehicles and agricultural and aerospace applications, cabin air needs to be free of dangerous contaminants to ensure a healthy, safe and comfortable environment. Advanced filtration systems reliably filter out dust, allergens, odors, VOCs, and microbes to ensure cabin breathability and optimal functionality. H&V carries an array of cabin air filter media, united under the CabinPro™ brand, from entry-level solutions to the highest performing composite structures.
  • Liquid – Microfiltration facilitates the growth of many industries, including food and beverage, bioprocess, industrial and water treatment. Improving microfiltration makes it possible to bring new products to market, makes existing fluid streams safer, reduces dependence on additives and improves processing times for products. H&V’s Trupor™ filter media brings membrane reliability and maximum performance with the thinnest possible efficiency layer, which is made possible by superior pore size uniformity. Its composite design delivers long life and stable performance.
  • Indoor Air Quality – More and more, indoor spaces can become polluted with organic and inorganic materials, such as VOCs, molecular contaminants and harmful particulates. Spending extended periods in indoor spaces with poor air quality can result in health concerns like irritation of the eyes, throat and nose, allergies, headaches and even fatigue and reduced productivity. H&V manufactures air filtration media for high-quality control of contaminants, temperature and humidity to maintain safe and comfortable indoor air quality. Our innovative filtration media, including NanoWave®, are made from the highest-quality materials to improve the energy efficiency of HVAC components and remove air contaminants.
  • Innovation has allowed H&V to evolve and thrive for more than 200 years. Today, more than 100 scientists conduct cutting-edge research at H&V. This expertise, and the ability to innovate in every aspect of the company, has made H&V a global leader.
  • H&V’s advanced materials contribute to a greener and more sustainable planet. We are determined to go beyond that by supporting global efforts for healthier air and water.
  • H&V serves the global market with 13 R&D and manufacturing facilities strategically located in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Visit us at FILTECH Hall 7 Stand H2

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