From filter housings to sophisticated automatic backwash filter systems

Lenzing OptiFil
Lenzing’s OptiFil is a fully automatic, continuous system that works according to the principle of depth, surface or cake filtration. Photo: Lenzing Technik.

The filtration and separation technology department of Lenzing Technik GmbH – a worldwide operating engineering company – specializes in the development and fabrication of high value added solid-liquid separation systems.

Originally created more than 40 years ago to identify filtration solutions for its parent company’s own high-viscose fiber spinning solutions filtration applications, Lenzing Technik’s filtration division has evolved into a leading supplier of high-performance liquid filtration systems used in a multitude of industries and applications.

Lenzing Technik’s broad filtration system portfolio ranges from bag and cartridge type filter housings on one end of the filtration spectrum, to patented sophisticated automatic backwash filter systems on the other. Today Lenzing Technik’s product development focus is on automatic backwash filter systems used to purify a vast range of low-to-high viscosity process fluids.

Thanks to the company’s striving to develop its filtration systems continuously, Lenzing Technik has become a worldwide technology leader of solid-liquid filtration providing extensive knowledge and services to its customers like:

  • In-house engineering and design
  • In-house manufacturing includes state-of-the-art machining capabilities
  • Complementary equipment manufacturing
  • Lab scale filter trials and trial result analysis conducted in our own laboratory
  • On-site pilot trials and detailed customer-specific analyses and reporting
  • Turn-key systems
Lenzing Backwash Filtration System
Lenzing Technik’s product development focus is on automatic backwash filter systems used to purify a vast range of low-to-high viscosity process fluids. Photo: Lenzing Technik.

The areas of application of Lenzing filtration systems can be found in a variety of industries and processes, e.g. in chemical industry, sugar production, pulp & paper industry, automotive industry, power generation, and many more.

Especially the innovative backwash filter Lenzing OptiFil®, a fully automatic and continuous filter system, is one of the product highlights of Lenzing Technik. Due to the unique and patented regeneration system, even the finest filter materials can be cleaned on a durable basis, while featuring lowest reject quantities. The Lenzing OptiFil® is further characterized by its maintenance-friendly operation and cost efficiency:

  • Filter fineness down to 1 µm
  • High backwash efficiency
  • High solid content at lowest reject quantities (patented system)
  • Maximum service life time of filter material
  • Minimized operating costs

Lenzing Technik filtration experts provide innovative solutions and dynamic flexibility to the customers while meeting the most challenging quality requirements. The unique combination of a variety of skills and technologies ensures an extraordinarily broad perspective that is adjustable to the customers’ needs and translates into complete, customized solutions for worldwide customers in various industries.

Visit Lenzing Technik GmbH at FILTECH: Hall 11.1, G5.

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