Flexible and proven pleating solutions for filter production

Pleating Systems & Equipment – a leading supplier of high-quality manufacturing equipment and contract pleating services – specializes in helping filter manufacturers to select the right type of equipment and solutions to fit their filter production needs.

The principals of “PSE” have owned and operated the largest privately owned filter manufacturing facility in the United States from 1996, while simultaneously owning the most successful pleating machine distributorship for 20 years. We are experts in filter manufacturing, pleating machinery and accessories and understand the challenges manufacturers face. At PSE, we are third-generation filtration family and continue to provide outstanding solutions for our customers.

Our capabilities

The brands we represent offer best in class solutions for all filter manufacturers from start-ups to the largest in the industry. The advances in technology have changed everything from media and adhesives used in the filters, to the equipment used in their manufacture. Outdated equipment in the industry is being replaced by our newer, quieter and more simplistic operating designs without compromising robust performance, faster speeds and higher precision. Being a leader in the filter manufacturing equipment industry allows us to offer a wide range of manufacturing solutions and a faster return on investment than ever before, including:

  • High Speed CNC Blade Pleaters
  • Integrated Mini-Pleat Systems
  • Servo Rotary Pleaters
  • USED Equipment
  • Contract Pleating
  • OEM Parts & Service

Our brands



  • CroyBilt is our flagship brand of high-quality mini-pleating machines, rotary pleating machines, and used pleating machinery.




  • Roth Industries, recently partnered with Pleating Systems & Equipment, was founded in 1947, is supported by 1,000 employees globally, and has long been respected as an innovator in the areas Building & Industrial Equipment Solutions.

Contract pleating

PSE continuously runs multiple contract pleating lines to accommodate customer’s overflow pleating requirements, interim machine sale pleating, and is currently assisting with the COVID-19 demand for pleat packs for respirator filters. Our production lines feature our new CroyBilt Integrated Mini Pleat Systems and the latest High-Speed CNC ROTH Blade Pleaters. Capabilities include 4-300mm pleat heights including glue bead application.

Used equipment and trade-in program

Used pleating equipment can be a great way to get started or expand your growing filtration business. PSE regularly acquires used pleating equipment, often via our trade-in program. Customers can frequently check our website to see what treasures we have in our warehouse.
Additionally, not only do we provide high quality pleating equipment, but also a wide selection of ancillary equipment options:

  • Perforators
  • Robotic Automation
  • Edge Banding
  • Filter Banding
  • Potting Stations
  • Unwind Systems
  • Core Machines
  • Pre/Post Cutting
  • Inline Slitters
  • Gluing Systems

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