Dispensing systems for a wide variety of filter manufacturing scenarios

EXACT systems are used in filter manufacturing facilities around the world.
EXACT systems are used in filter manufacturing facilities around the world, for all filter types, including dust & air, HEPA & respiratory, water, pool & spa, fuel, membrane, and filter cartridges.

EXACT Dispensing Systems designs, builds and installs precision meter-mix and dispense systems in a wide variety of manufacturing markets around the world, including filtration, motors & windings, electronics, automotive, and military/aerospace. EXACT’s experience in the filtration industry is extensive and includes all types of filtration: dust & air, respiratory, water, pool & spa, membrane, fuel, and filter cartridges. If your filter requires resins such as epoxies, urethanes, silicones or other adhesive or sealant chemistries in its fabrication, EXACT is the answer.

EXACT designs and manufactures dispensing solutions utilizing modules and components machined and manufactured within its “Made In America” facility. This full-service capability assures your filtration fabrication needs are fully and professionally satisfied while assuring any ongoing service needs are easily supported.

With over four decades of experience in the filtration industry, EXACT’s engineers work one-on-one with customers to discover needs, challenges, and the finite details of environment and materials to develop solutions that integrate seamlessly, efficiently, and sensibly.

EXACT 9450 Metering System
The large EXACT 9450 Metering System is the largest on the market! Due to the very high two-part resin supply volume this system lasts for years and years with very low maintenance and high production.

Whether the dispensing needs are simple or complex, single- or two-component, by listening to the customer, EXACT configures the best and most cost-effective solution for your specific application. Our primary goal is for you to get a system that meets your needs and ultimately improves your productivity, product quality, and bottom line.

From a simple table-top machine to a complex engineered solution, EXACT offers a full line of single- and multi-component dispensing systems for your manufacturing processes. Whether bonding filter material to metal or plastic, or using a mold to create an elastomeric end cap, EXACT has the relationships with formulators and understands the resin compositions that perform the best.

  • Piston Metering Systems – provide smooth, consistent dispensing of material at controlled and on-ratio metering rates
  • Bead Dispensing Systems – precise bead patterns used in filter material bonding are easily satisfied with EXACT Servo Drive solutions
  • Vacuum Dispensing – materials dispensed within a vacuum environment eliminate entrapped air bubbles and voids for ultra-high performance
  • Collaborative Robotic Dispensing – robots and humans work together to perform extremely precise dispensing patterns
  • Dispensing with XY Automation – allows for multi-part dispensing and increased productivity
  • Heated Dispensing & Curing – Heated material improves consistency of product year round
  • Tank Farm Supply – when drum or tote supply of resins is required, EXACT offers a system engineered “tank farm” supply solution that maximizes production efficiency
Cascade Drum Assembly by EXACT Dispensing Solution.
A Cascade Drum Assembly can be added to your EXACT Dispensing Solution in which 55-gallon drums serve as material reservoirs that replenish materials A & B. This allows you to maintain full supply at all times while eliminating the intrusion of air into your resins.

Customer satisfaction is our primary objective. We pride ourselves on our “Wet Test Program” (See video: http://bit.ly/exact-wet-testing) where even the simplest systems are tested with your resin. Simulating the production solution before the system is installed ensures complete satisfaction and provides you the opportunity for hands-on product training.

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