Complete automation solutions for HVAC & HEPA filter manufacturing

A2Z cabin filter line
A2Z Cabin Filter Line

A2Z Filtration Specialities offeringsA2Z Filtration Specialities is a designer and manufacturer of complete customer-centric automation solutions for filter production & assembly. A2Z’s customer base includes industry leaders in over 70 Countries. The Company excels in providing superior value, durable and globally serviceable production lines. The components are sourced from leading global suppliers to ensure an ease of availability and trouble-free maintenance. A2Z equipment is easy to use, efficient and offers excellent value, with features such as pictorial manuals and remote access for service and up-gradation.

With a dynamic workforce comprising of over 50 engineering professionals in designing, manufacturing, and installation, A2Z is providing complete turnkey solutions around the globe. The A2Z Design Team uses state-of-the-art Solid Works® 3D design software for the designing and simulation of filter production lines. A2Z’s deep knowledge of filter manufacturing processes and their ability to develop customer-specific innovative and efficient lines has resulted in development of fit-to-purpose solutions.

HVAC filter manufacturing – now automated with minimum human intervention

Starting with the pleating of self-supporting media as shown in the chart with A2Z Intelligent Servo Pusher Bar Pleaters or A2Z Star Rotary Pleaters. The inline pitching is done by the A2Z Pleat Pitching System, then conveyed to the A2Z Intelligent Servo Filter Framing System to frame the first & second side of the pleated pack with a hotmelt laminated board. After cutting the pack automatically, based on size or pleat count, the same process is repeated to the third & fourth side to give complete framed filters. This process requires only one operator based on the options chosen and has a production rate of five to six filters per minute.

A2Z Filtration Specialities offerings

Automated HEPA mini pleat – complete assembly lines

After converting rolls of glass fiber and synthetic media into mini pleat packs with foamed or regular hotmelt on an A2Z Mini Pleat Blade & Rotary Pleating Lines, the packs are automatically cut to the required size or pleat count, then conveyed to the A2Z Intelligent Servo Filter Framing System (see chart) and framed with Hotmelt Laminated Side Banding (I/L/C) configurations and cut to size online. After two sides are banded, the packs are conveyed and the same process is adopted to provide a complete four-sided fully framed filter (see chart). Based on the options chosen, the line has a production rate of five to six filters per minute and requires only one operator.

A2Z filtration provides:

  • Fit-to-purpose manufacturing, assembly & automation solutions
  • Value prices for quick return on investment
  • Ability to integrate various automation solutions and processes, including online quality validation systems
  • Globally serviceable lines
  • Latest  state of the art manufacturing & automation solutions
  • IoT- & Industry 4.O-compliant systems


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