Beverlin showcases industry-leading perforated filter cores

Beverlin Specialty Tube bricks
Beverlin Specialty Tube strives to be “Customer Fanatics” in service and solutions.

Industrial, oil & gas, aerospace, nuclear, defense, food & beverage, medical and more …

Beverlin Specialty Tube is the industry leader for perforated filter cores and has been for 44 years. Supplying various industries and the most demanding applications and customers worldwide, we strive to be ‘’Customer Fanatics’’ and provide an unparalleled level of service.

We provide the necessary support and center cores that filters require to provide both flow and structural support.

You can count on Beverlin to be the “CORE” that you build on.

Our technology

At Beverlin – perforated cores and tubes are our single focus; it’s what we do. We are uniquely positioned based on our experience, diversity, equipment and team to best support and supply this niche within filtration across the globe.

Beverlin is vertically integrated, allowing us to have total control and flexibility in order to best serve our customers.  We have equipment for high-volume production, low-volume production, prototypes and service parts, allowing us to be single-sourced for entire portfolios.

Our capabilities

Beverlin’s perforated filter cores
Beverlin’s perforated filter cores are available in a variety of materials and finishes.
  • We are able to build any diameter – Metric or Standard
  • We can provide any length using our highly accurate tube lasers
  • We work with all common materials:
    • Providing certificates of conformance, material certifications, domestic & DFARS
    • Mild steels (1008 & 1010, etc…) CRS, HRS & HRPO
    • Thicknesses from .018’’ – .125’’
    • Stainless steels (304/304L, 316/316L, 409, 439, 441 18CrCb)
    • Super austenitic alloys (Hastelloy, Super Duplex etc.…)
    • 17-7PH
    • Various aluminums
  • We can provide multiple types of seam construction – we have several tubing lines:
    • Straight weld seam
    • Spiral weld seamOverlap & resistance weld
    • Nonwelded butt-seam
  • We can provide any perforation pattern including end margins.
  • Secondary processes include adding flares; re-sizing for tighter tolerances; swaging; adding feature holes, tabs, reinforcement rings; CNC machining of cores (counterbores, etc.); CNC components; welding components & assemblies
  • Finishing based on best-in-class proprietary processes, allowing the customer to focus on assembly: bright tin plating; zinc plating (clear, bright, yellow); nickel plating; wash; ultrasonic; passivate; electropolish; anodize/nitride; heat treatment

OEM’s put a great deal of effort into design, testing and marketing and then open the door to competition once it hits the market. As OEM’s and Filter Companies look to retain the sales through product life, having a unique filter that is hard to duplicate can have huge advantages. In partnering with Beverlin, we can use our strengths and offerings to provide uniqueness and differentiation that is appealing and can also provide a better working filter for the end consumer. 

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