Advanced materials for a range of filtration applications

Naltex Diamond Netting
Naltex Diamond Netting – Used in pleat support in air and liquid filtration and as feed spacers in water filtration.

70 years of experience developing and manufacturing customized, industry-leading solutions

If you are a manufacturer of filtration products and you have not yet discovered SWM International, you could be missing out on material solutions for your next new product. SWM is a leading global performance materials company with a portfolio of highly engineered papers, films, nets and nonwovens designed and manufactured using natural fibers and polymers. SWM provides customers with essential components that enhance the performance of their products. SWM materials are used in the design and manufacture of products used in the filtration market as well as the medical, transportation, infrastructure, construction, industrial, tobacco, energy, food services and home décor markets. In the last decade, the company has transformed from a specialty paper company to a performance materials company, adding many resin-based technologies to the portfolio, such as nettings, nonwoven medias and high-performance thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film.

Delpore Electrostatic Media
Delpore Electrostatic Media – used in high efficiency air filters to capture and maintain contaminate particles.

With more than 70 years of experience developing and manufacturing customized products for the filtration industry, our global team of experienced engineers, knowledgeable polymer scientists and dedicated technical sales managers work closely with customers around the world to develop industry-leading products.

Key capabilities

A global business manufacturing on four continents with a team of approximately 3,400 people, SWM offers manufacturers of medical components a single source of advanced materials. The SWM portfolio contains brands well-known, proven, and time-tested.  Used in a wide variety of applications with the world’s leading medical brands, SWM brands like Argotec Film, Delnet Apertured Film, and Delpore Nonwoven Media, Conwed Square Netting, Naltex Diamond Netting, Revonex Membrane Backing Paper and Coretec Machined Parts & Tubing provide great performance and value.

Delstar High Capacity Composite Media
Delstar High Capacity Composite Media – Used as media in oil and fuel filters.

In addition to manufacturing advanced materials, SWM also consults with clients to customize its material capabilities to desired functionality and performance.

Our filtration solutions cover:

  • Water filtration: Feed spacers, center tubes, element inter-connectors and membrane backing paper
  • Liquid filtration: Pleat support, cartridge sleeving, filtration media and drainage layers
  • Air filtration: Filter media, cores, cages, pleat support and screening
  • Industry applications: Aerospace, Automotive, Energy – Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, HVAC, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Reverse Osmosis, Water Filtration, Semiconductor

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